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How To Tell If Arlo Camera Is Recording: All You Need to Know About Arlo’s Functionality  

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Arlo security cameras have a cloud-based recording system along with other enhanced security features, including high-quality footage, smart alerts, advanced motion detection, and much more! You can access the recordings via the Arlo app or download them from the cloud. But sometimes, the device may not record properly due to technical issues. In many Arlo cameras, there is no physical indicator to tell if the security camera is recording properly. Then, how do you know if the camera is working or if it’s been stopped recording for a long time? Let’s embark on the details discussion!

How To Tell If Arlo Camera Is Recording  

Arlo often skips adding an on/off indicator on security cameras. That’s why users need to open the Arlo app to check if the hawk-eye is monitoring and recording accordingly. Besides you can also check cloud storage to see the latest record to check if the camera is working or not. Let’s check some models and figure out if the cameras are recording. 

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How To Tell If Arlo Camera Is Recording: Pro 3, Pro 3 Floodlight, Ultra, and Ultra 2  

There are several Arlo indoor and outdoor cameras that feature LED indicators. These models are- Arlo Ultra, Ultra 2, Pro 3, and Pro 3 Floodlight. If the camera indicator shows a Quickly Blinking Blue light, it means the camera is connected to the app and its recording. If there is no light, it means either the camera is off or the battery needs recharging (below 10%). Apart from that, there are some other indicator signs informing you that the camera isn’t recording:  

Blue Light, Blinking Slowly: It means the camera device is trying to connect with the base station or the SmartHub.  

Amber Light, Blinking Slowly: It means either there is an error in the Wi-Fi connection, i.e., Wi-Fi cannot be found, or the camera is out of coverage. It may also indicate lower battery life.  

Amber Light Blinking Quickly: It means the device couldn’t sync with the base station or the SmartHub.  

Blue And Amber Blink Altering: It means the device is restarting, and its update is in progress. Don’t turn off the device while updating.  

Arlo Pro 3
Arlo Pro 3

Arlo Wire-Free Camera, Arlo Pro, and Arlo Pro 2 

Arlo Pro, Arlo Pro 2, and Arlo Wireless Camera also feature LED indicators like the other models. Let’s see how to tell if the Arlo Wire-Free Camera, Arlo Pro, and Arlo Pro 2 are functioning and recording properly:  

Blinking Blue  

If the blinking blue light is slow, it means the device is trying to connect with the network (base station or the Hub).  

If the blinking blue is fast, it means the device is synchronized and functioning properly. You can check the app for better clarification.  

Blinking Amber  

If the amber is blinking slowly, it means the battery power is low (10%). So, you must recharge the battery.  

However, if the amber is blinking quickly, that means the device is failing to synchronize with the Hub or base station.  

Blue Blinks And Amber Alternating  

It means the firmware update is in progress, so don’t turn off the camera during this time.  

No Light  

If there is no light, it indicates a lower battery or the camera is not plugged in.  

Arlo Pro 2
Arlo Pro 2

Arlo Q or Q Plus Camera  

Amber Light  

A steady amber light means the camera is in boot-up mode or starting.  

Slowly blinking amber light means the camera is ready to be integrated with the Arlo app.  

A faster bilking amber light means the camera is not connected to Wi-Fi yet.  

Blue Light  

The steady blue light of Arlo Q and Q Plus indicates that the device is connected to the Arlo app.  

The blue light slowly blinking means the device is trying to pair with a Wi-Fi network.  

The blue light quickly blinks, which means the camera is connected to the network and starts recording.  

Purple Light  

If the purple light is still and not blinking, it means the device is paired with Wi-Fi but unable to connect to the Internet.  

The purple light starts blinking when the device is out of your Wi-Fi range.  

Blue And Amber Light Alternating  

Like other models, blue blinks and amber blinks alternating means the firmware is updating. It’s recommended not to turn off the device when it’s updating.  

Arlo Q or Q Plus Camera  
Arlo Q

Arlo Go Camera   

Compared to other models, the Arlo Go LED indicators have more status. Find out what each of the statuses means:  

Amber Light  

When the amber is steady, it may mean no sim card detection, low battery, or motion detection.  

If the amber blinks slowly, it means a low battery, and if the battery is extremely low, there will be a double blinking of amber light.  

Quickly blinking amber indicates scan failure, incompatible USB adapter or cable, and failed cellular connection.  

Blue Light  

Steady blue indicates the battery is fully charged, and the device is connected and registered to the cellular network.  

The blinking blue is very steady when the device is starting.  

The blue blinking is slow when the device is ready for QR code scanning.  

When the blue light blinks quickly, it means the camera device is ready to record. It also indicates that the linked charger is compatible with the device.  

Alternating Blue and Amber Light  

Alternating blinking of amber and purple lights; if the SIM card is invalid,  

Alternating blinking of amber and blue light; if the firmware is updating,  

Alternating blinks of blue and purple lights When the device is trying to connect to the mobile or cloud network,  

And No light means either the device is off or the battery is low.  

Arlo go
Arlo go

Are Arlo Cameras Always Recording?  

Yes, Arlo cameras have a non-stop recording feature. The following models- Arlo Ultra, Arlo Pro 2, Arlo Q, Arlo Q Plus, and Arlo Baby cameras can record continuously. To activate the non-stop recording feature, Arlo offers a CVR plan, a continuous video recording plan. This feature is only available if you subscribe.  

Alro Camera At night
Alro Camera At night

What Do Red Lights Mean On Arlo Camera?  

When the red light glows, it means that the infrared LEDs are active. The infrared LED lights enhance night-time security so you can clearly monitor what’s happening on your property.  


There are multiple indicators that function differently to show the different status of your device, and among them, only quick blue blinking lights ensure that your security camera is recording. If the blue light is not blinking faster, or there is no light, it means the device is not recording. In this situation, you should restart the power connection and troubleshoot for uninterrupted recording. However, if you’re unable to troubleshoot any issue or cannot figure out if your Arlo Camera is recording or not, then contact Arlo customer service. 

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