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Mounting Cameras To Soffit: Easy-to-follow Steps to Mount A Camera Like a Champ!   

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Written By Edward Cohen

Consider choosing a wireless or cellular security camera for hassle-free mounting on the soffit so that you can avoid climbing up and rolling over in the dusty attic. Otherwise, if you’re using a wired security camera, then it might be tricky to mount it on the soffit. However, we are here to help you with an easy-to-follow step-by-step process of mounting security cameras to soffit. Read this post so you can mount the security camera easily and on your own.  

Mounting Cameras To Soffit: Step-By-Step Process 

Mounting security cameras to soffit may not be as much difficult as it seems. When you install a surveillance system on the soffit, it will allow you to monitor the larger vicinity. Here are the steps on how to mount security cameras on the soffit.  

Step 1: Collect the Necessary Equipment  

You’ll need the following equipment for mounting the camera to the soffit:  

  • Security camera  
  • Soffit mounting plate  
  • A piece of Aluminum Strip  
  • Pry Tool  
  • Powerful drill and drill bits  
  • Ethernet or Coax cable  
  • Sharpened Knife or Cutter   
  • Screws and marker  

Step 2: Select Camera Location Strategically  

To get the maximum output from your security camera, you have to figure out the best location for mounting the camera. When installing a security camera on the soffit, we recommend keeping it at a medium height from the ground. If you place the camera too high from the ground, it might be able to cover a larger area, but you won’t be able to track things in detail. On the other hand, if you install the security camera too low, then it might get into the hands of an intruder.   

Step 3: Prepare the Soffit Spot  

It’s better to choose the soffit corner to install the security camera so that you get maximum projection. While preparing the soffit spot, remove any dust particles, cobwebs, and any other obstacles and clean the area.  

Now you have two options- one is you can directly make a round hole in the soffit and install the camera into it. However, keep in mind that making a hole in the soffit may not look good if you change the camera location in the future. Besides, it might make the soffit tilted.   

To avoid tilting and damaging the soffit, there is a second option. You can bring a piece of aluminum strip based on the length of your soffit (including the edges) and affix the strip to the soffit corner. Use your pry tool to attach the strip beneath the soffit. It will help the camera to stick to the soffit without wobbling.   

Step 4: It’s Time to Drill  

Mark the camera mounting template for drilling and use an adhesive to attach the template to the aluminum strip mentioned in the previous step. Then do the drilling for screws and wire connections separately; make sure to use different drill bits for small and large holes. These holes will let you easily install the camera with screws and the necessary wire connection (if it’s a wired security cam).  

Step 5: Set Wire Connection Through The Attic  

If you’re using a wired security camera, then you have to fix the necessary cables; run the cables via the attic and the drilled holes and connect them to the camera.   

Conversely, wired vs wireless security camera; a wireless one easily lets you install without the hassle of tangling cables!  

Step 6: Install the Camera Mounting Bracket  

Now, install the camera bracket as a base for mounting the camera. Use the screws and tighten them to firmly attach the camera base to the soffit.  

Step 7: Mount the Camera  

After installing the camera base properly, it’s time to mount the camera to the soffit and adjust it according to the best viewing angle.  

Final Words  

Installing a security camera cuts down your hypertension regarding the security of your home or business. It will keep away intruders from your place. It may sound technical at first, but mounting cameras to soffit is not that difficult. With the steps we have mentioned, it might take two-three hours job to mount a camera to the soffit.


Can I screw into soffit?  

Yes. You can screw into the soffit. While installing a security camera on the soffit, it’s better to use corrosion-resistant screws.  

How much weight can a soffit hold?  

A soffit can hold up to 15 lbs via soffit hooks or soffit hangers. However, the weight limit can vary based on the soffit quality.  

Do magnets stick to soffit?  

Magnets can stick to the soffit if the soffit is made of metal elements like steel. Otherwise, magnets won’t directly stick to the soffit, which is not magnetic, like an aluminum soffit.  

Can you screw into plastic soffit?  

If the plastic soffit is durable enough for drilling to fix something with screws, then yes, you can screw in the plastic soffit.  


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