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Best Ring Doorbell for Apartments: Effective Security System for Owners & Renters! 

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Written By Edward Cohen

Wondering if Ring Doorbells can amp up your apartment security? Amazon-owned Ring produces high-quality video doorbells that have basic security features like full-HD footage, sharp night vision, two-way speakers, and advanced features like an adjustable motion sensor, emergency call, 3D motion, and bird’s eye view! Our review of the best Ring doorbells has top products that stand apart from the rest in terms of footage quality, night vision, speaker, live feed, and advanced motion detection.  

Somehow, if you’re in a hurry and need an out-of-the-box solution to secure your apartment, the Ring Video Doorbell Pro is our quick fix with its full HD footage quality and adjustable built-in motion sensor for quick monitoring. Otherwise, if you want to explore further, scroll through our top 5 expert-vetted Ring Doorbells and find which one is the best for your apartments. Let’s dive deeper one by one!  

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List Of The Best Ring Doorbells for Apartments  

1. Ring Video Doorbell 3

Best Overall


  • Installation: Wired or Wireless  
  • Footage Quality: 1080p  
  • Storage: Cloud  
  • Two-Way Audio: Yes  
  • Field View: 160° horizontal, 84° vertical  
  • Motion detection: Yes  


  • Both wired and wireless installation  
  • Better night visibility  
  • Improved motion detection  
  • Compatible with Alexa and Ring Chime  
  • Uninterrupted live streaming  
  • Works with 5G Wi-Fi network  


  • Expensive  
  • Not compatible with Google Assistant  
  • Battery lasts up to one month  


The Ring Doorbell 3 is an updated version of Ring Doorbell 2; the updated doorbell has better motion detection capacity, privacy zones set up, and dual-band (2.4 or 5.0 GHz) Wi-Fi connectivity. Unlike previous Ring Doorbell models, this doorbell can be installed in both ways- wired and wireless. So, you can install this best Ring Doorbell conveniently without drilling on the wall, even if there is no pre-existing wiring. Our testers found this Ring Doorbell 3 delivers sharp HD quality footage and sends notifications in no time. We’re also impressed by its uninterrupted live-streaming capacity that can be easily monitored from any device.  

Buy this if you need a versatile doorbell that can operate via electricity and at the same time has battery backup. In addition, this best overall Ring Doorbell ensures clear live feed and real-time alerts on your device.  

Don’t buy this if spending $200 for a doorbell seems hefty on your budget. However, you can check out the Ring Peephole doorbell at a lower price.  

2. Ring Video Doorbell Wired

Best Affordable

Ring Video Doorbell Wired


  • Installation: Hard-wired  
  • Footage Quality: 10880p  
  • Storage: Cloud  
  • Two-Way Audio: Yes  
  • Field View: 155° horizontal, 90° vertical  
  • Motion Detection: Yes  


  • Most affordable  
  • Full-HD camera resolution  
  • Sharp night vision  
  • Wider field of view  
  • Advanced motion detection  
  • Compatible with Alexa  


  • Wired installation can be a hassle  
  • Won’t work with the existing chime  


Ring Doorbell Wired offers the most cost-effective way to monitor the door front of your apartment with its sharp 1080p full-HD camera that captures clear details within its standard field view. With this compact and wired Ring Doorbell, you can answer the door from inside or outside of your home. Its advanced motion detection capacity will alert before someone presses the doorbell. In addition, this best Ring Doorbell for apartments is compatible with Alexa and Ring Chime. However, the Ring Doorbell Wired won’t work if there is an existing chime. So, you must purchase the Ring Chime along with the doorbell.  

Buy this if you’re looking for an affordable option to secure your door front from porch theft. When someone enters the motion zone, its advanced motion sensor will notify you immediately like a pro!  

Don’t buy this if your apartment owner doesn’t permit you to drill on the wall. Instead, you can look for the Ring Peephole Cam, a battery-powered model. 

3. Ring Video Doorbell Pro

Best Premium

Ring Video Doorbell Pro


  • Installation: Wired  
  • Footage Quality: 1080p  
  • Storage: Cloud  
  • Two-Way Audio: Yes  
  • Field View: 160° horizontal, 90° vertical  
  • Motion Detection: Yes  


  • Looks trendy at the door front  
  • Delivers clear HD-quality footage  
  • Wider field of view  
  • Effective communication  
  • Compatible with Alexa voice command  
  • Features dual-band Wi-Fi connectivity  
  • Ensures spontaneous live-streaming  


  • Wired installation may bother apartment renters  


Ring Video Doorbell Pro is one the best Ring Doorbells for apartments, offering improved features than its predecessor, Ring Video Doorbell. This pro version offers all the gripes and handy features, including improved HD-quality footage, a wider field view to cover more details, customizable motion zones and alerts for added convenience, pre-buffering before motion detection, and much more! While comparing it with other doorbells, we found that this pro video doorbell delivers sharp footage during the daytime, and its infrared night vision is equally clear and covers night visibility up to 30 ft. Besides, you can communicate with visitors either using your mobile phone or by Alexa voice command. Overall, the Ring Doorbell has everything you might be looking for in a doorbell camera!  

Buy this if you’re looking for an all-in-one premium doorbell system that will look after your apartment in your absence.  

Don’t buy this if there are no existing drills, and neither your apartment owner won’t permit you to drill near the front door. In such a situation, a wireless doorbell like the Ring Video Doorbell would be best for you.  

4. Ring Peephole Cam

Best Doorbell for Renters

Ring Peephole Cam


  • Installation: Wireless  
  • Footage Quality: 1080p  
  • Storage: Cloud  
  • Two-Way Audio: Yes  
  • Field View: 155° horizontal, 90° vertical  
  • Motion Detection: Yes  


  • Full-HD footage quality  
  • Easy wireless installation  
  • Two-way talk  
  • Compatible with voice command  
  • Decent field view for apartments  
  • Adjustable motion sensor  


  • Not compatible with Google Assistant  


The Ring Peephole Cam is the upgrade of its predecessor, the Door View Cam. To set up this doorbell, all you need is just a peephole at the door, thanks to its wireless installation process. You can connect this peephole cam to your smartphone, tablet, or computer for monitoring or viewing the alerts. It has an adjustable motion detection capacity, which is handy if you need to monitor any specific space near the door. Apart from that, the doorbell provides full-HD footage quality and infrared night vision so you can monitor every detail clearly. Like other Ring Doorbells, using the Ring Peephole can be more convenient with their subscription plans that offer some unique features like emergency calls up to three contacts aside from recording, person detection, cellular backup, and more!  

Buy this if you’re looking for a peephole doorbell camera to see who’s out there. Besides, it doesn’t require a wired connection to function appropriately.  

Don’t buy this if you’re not allowed to create a peephole on the apartment door. This Ring Peephole Cam cannot be installed in any other place except the door.  

5. Ring Video Doorbell

Best Doorbell for Apartment Owners

Ring Video Doorbell


  • Installation: Wireless  
  • Footage Quality: 1080p  
  • Storage: Cloud  
  • Two-Way Audio: Yes  
  • Field View: 155° horizontal, 90° vertical  
  • Motion Detection: Yes  


  • Easy wired or wireless installation  
  • Can be connected to Smartphones, tablets, or PC  
  • Compatible with Alexa  
  • Hassle-free app integration  
  • Instant notification  


  • Wired installation can be a hassle for renters  


Like other Ring Doorbells in this list, the Ring Video Doorbell has all the convenient perks to keep your rented apartment safe and secure. This second-generation doorbell not only delivers cleaner footage but features improved motion detection capacity (motion zone can be extended from 5 to 15 ft) and better night vision. Unlike the Ring Video Doorbell Pro, the Ring Video Doorbell is cost-effective, and at the same time, it doesn’t compromise the footage quality, two-way speaker, and motion detection capacity. Although you can install the Ring Video Doorbell in both ways, we recommend going for wireless installation since the process is more convenient and hassle-free for apartment renters.  

Buy this if you’re looking for the best Ring Doorbell with improved motion detection capacity. Since you can install this doorbell wired or wirelessly, both renters and apartment owners can find this versatile doorbell lucrative.  

Don’t buy this if you want a wireless doorbell with a removable battery. Some may consider a built-in rechargeable battery a hassle since the entire doorbell has to be unmounted to recharge.  

How to Choose the Best Ring Doorbell For Apartments  

Camera Resolution  

Many doorbells in the market feature lower resolution, as low as 480p, that might not offer clear visibility. However, the best Ring Doorbells for apartments come with a full-HD resolution, 1080p or more, delivering outstanding front-yard surveillance both day and night.   

Which Ring doorbell has the highest resolution?  

According to the company, the Ring Doorbell Plus offers the highest resolution of 1536p; it’s a wireless doorbell that is also compatible with solar panel backup.  

Night Vision  

Most of the time, doorbells are installed in a shady space, like under the porch, where direct sunlight doesn’t reach. If the camera doesn’t feature quality night vision, the doorbell might not function well in a shady or dark space. As a result, you may face unwanted interruptions while viewing the live feed.   

How far does a Ring Doorbell see at night?  

A Ring Doorbell can cover up to 30 ft of night vision. Besides, the camera can also detect motion within this range. If you want enhanced motion detection, you may have to subscribe to get the latest Ring app on your device.  

Two-way Audio  

The two-way audio feature enables communication with the visitor when you’re busy with household work or even not at home. Two-way speakers are well-designed, so you don’t have to leave anyone at your door unattended and, at the same time, keep the porch intruder away from your home.  

Does a Ring doorbell feature two-way audio?  

Yes, Ring Doorbells feature two-way audio, which will allow you to communicate with visitors, help kids in your absence if they don’t have the door keys, receive the delivery package, or reschedule a meeting with your neighbor when you’re not at home.  

Ease of Installation  

The doorbell can be wired and wireless. We have reviewed both wired and wireless models. However, our experts mention that if you reside in an apartment, then a wireless/battery-powered doorbell is more convenient and hassle-free.  

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What kind of doorbell is convenient for renters?  

To install a wired doorbell, you must drill on the wall, which most homeowners may not allow. The Ring produces some handy wireless doorbells that you can easily install on a rented apartment. If there is no pre-existing setup for wired doorbells, we recommend choosing the best battery-powered doorbell if you are a renter.  

Motion Detection   

Not all doorbells have motion detection capacity to notify you immediately. The best Ring Doorbells for apartments are smart devices featuring a motion sensor, so you get an alert accordingly whenever someone enters the motion detection range. Apart from that, some advanced doorbell offers more customizable options so you can preset a specific part of your front door for quick monitoring.  

How much time does a Ring Doorbell take to send a notification?  

In general, it takes a few seconds to send a notification to your connected device once the doorbell is pressed or the camera detects motions. However, it may take more time in case of an unstable or slow Internet connection, lower battery of the device, etc.  

Field of View  

A wider field view ensures larger area coverage at the front of your door. If the doorbell camera features 180-degree and 90-degree viewing angles, it means you can have maximum coverage of the front yard.   

Can you customize Ring Doorbell’s field of view?  

Yes, you can customize Ring Doorbell’s field of view if the model features an adjustable motion sensor. Additionally, you can purchase corner kits and wedge kits to monitor your door front via a Ring Doorbell more conveniently.   

Final Words  

While choosing the best ring doorbells for apartments, our experts recommend prioritizing footage quality, night vision, ease of installation, as well as integration with existing apartment infrastructure. Any of our listed best Ring Doorbells for apartments will offer you the desired security and add more convenience to your life. You can monitor clear and uninterrupted, live streaming, speak to the person at the door, and get alert if there is any invasive activity in the apartment. 

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