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Best Place To Install Ring Doorbell: All You Need to Know!  

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Written By Edward Cohen

Ring Doorbells are advanced and innovative doorbells to enhance the security of your front yard. However, if you fail to install the doorbell in an appropriate place, the device won’t serve you effectively. In this post, we have covered the best places to install Ring Doorbell and how to install the device conveniently.  

Best Place To Install Ring Doorbell 

The best place to install a Ring doorbell is the front of your door. However, based on your convenience, you can install it on the side wall, brick or concrete wall, or in a narrow space. Wherever you install the device, make sure it delivers a proper viewing angle and sends notifications and alarms so that you keep on uninterrupted surveillance.  

What To Consider Installing Ring Doorbell?  

Before installing Ring Doorbell, consider the following factors:  

Positioning/ Angle of mounting: If the positioning is not adjusted appropriately, you won’t be able to monitor the viewing angle properly.  

Height: The Ring doorbell should be ideally placed approximately 48 inches above the ground.   

Power Source: Since the Ring Doorbell is run through corded power, ensure the power source is close to the doorbell for installation.  

How to Mount A Ring Doorbell?  

Mounting a ring doorbell depends on whether you’re using a wired or wireless model. Let’s see how to mount a battery-operated Ring Doorbell and Doorbell 2:  

How to Mount A Battery Operated Ring Doorbell and Doorbell 2?  

Mounting a battery-powered Ring Doorbell is more convenient to install. Ensure the doorbell is fully charged before you start the process of installation.   

Step 1: Select the mounting space.  

Step 2: Mark the mounting bracket and drill holes in the marked spaces.  

Step 3: Place the doorbell on the mounting bracket. Utilize the level tool (included in the box) so the doorbell stays in a leveled position.  

Step 4: If the mounting space is uneven, like a brick wall, place the anchors on the drilled holes and install screws accordingly.   

How to Mount Hard-Wired Models? Ring Doorbell and Doorbell 2  

Step 1: Install the mounting bracket and use the included level to keep the doorbell in a level position.  

Step 2: Mark the area for drilling and then drill accordingly.  

Step 3: If you’re installing the doorbell on uneven spaces like brick or concrete, don’t forget to use anchors.   

Step 4: Install the doorbell on the mounting bracket and tighten the screws securely.  

How To Install Ring Corner And Wedge Kit?  

Using angle kits- corner kit and wedge kit come in handy while installing a Ring doorbell on a rough surface. Let’s see how to install the angles kits for Ring Doorbell:  

Step 1: Place the angle mount in the place where you want to install the doorbell. Consider a level position to mount.  

Step 2: Drill holes at the top and bottom of the mount using a drill bit. If the Doorbell location is uneven brick walls, use anchors for proper placement.  

Step 3: Screw the wall mount and then mount the doorbell accordingly.  

Install Ring Doorbell Without Screws  

It’s always recommended to install Ring Doorbell with screws so it can tightly fix in front of your door. However, if screws are not available to mount the ring doorbell, you can use double-sided tape or adhesive that will also keep the doorbell attached to the wall.  

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Installing Ring Doorbell On A Narrow Surface  

If there is a narrow surface to install a Ring Doorbell, you have two options- either you can use a corner kit, or you can install the doorbell on a wall. It’s recommended to go for the wall instead of installing the device in the corner because cornered spaces may be susceptible to damage.  

How To Install Ring Doorbell On Brick  

Step 1: Collect all the necessary equipment  

To mount the Ring Doorbell on brick, you’ll need the following items:  

  • A hammer drills  
  • Mounting equipment  
  • Brick drill bit  
  • Brick mount  
  • Screws   

Step 2: Determine the place of installation and mark the mounting spot for drilling.  

Step 3: Use the drill bit and make holes to attach the doorbell anchor.  

Step 4: Hammer the anchors on drilled spots.  

Step 5: Use screws to mount the Ring Doorbell accordingly.  

How To Optimize Your Ring Video Doorbell?  

To optimize a Ring video doorbell most conveniently, set up the doorbell with a proper viewing angle, and test the device from multiple positions. The location that provides the best visibility of your front yard and is accessible to visitors is the most appropriate location for your Ring Doorbell Camera.  

Limitations of Installing Ring Doorbell  

If you are unable to install the Ring Doorbell properly, you might face the following limitations:  

  • Horizontally mounting is not applicable for doorbells  
  • Won’t be able to enjoy screen rotation features  
  • Motion detection may not work properly  

Final Words  

Ring Doorbells are smart devices to secure front porches. So, to get the best delivery, it’s essential to mount the Ring Doorbell on a plain surface and not in a cornered space. But if there is no other way, follow our expert’s tips and steps mentioned above.  

Best Place To Install Ring Doorbell: FAQs  

Can You Install a Ring Doorbell On the Door?  

Yes, you can install a ring doorbell on the door. In fact, the front door is the best place for Ring Doorbell. By installing a Ring doorbell camera on the door, you can remotely access the front yard view of your home.  

Can you install a ring doorbell on the side wall?  

Yes, you can install a ring doorbell on the side wall or any other space, like at the front of your door. However, it’s located in a place that ensures clear visibility, effective communication, and motion detection.  

What is the best height for ring doorbell 3?  

The best height for mounting doorbells 1, 3, and 2 is approximately 48 inches above the ground. From this height position, the doorbell can easily detect motions within its range.  

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