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Can You Vacuum A Wet Carpet? Choosing The Wrong Vacuum Might Cost You!

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Written By Jonathan Adams

We understand how annoying it is to wait for a carpet to dry. Vacuuming a wet carpet might impact drying the carpet faster. However, is it safe to vacuum a wet carpet?

Yes, it’s safe, but it depends on the type of vacuum you’re using. Not all vacuums are designed to soak up water from a wet carpet. Albeit, a regular vacuum cleaner won’t perform as expected on a wet carpet, and there is a risk of motor damage or a short circuit that might lead to a fire. A powerful and efficient wet and dry vacuum model like this one, Shop-Vac 5989300, is what you need. Still, if you want to vacuum a wet carpet safely, there are plenty of things you should care about. Today, we will discuss everything you need to know about vacuuming a wet carpet and how to do it properly.  

Need to know? Let’s read on!  

Can You Vacuum A Wet Carpet: Suitable Vacuum Cleaner for Wet Carpets  

The first thing you need is to choose the right shop vacs (wet & dry) on a wet carpet to soak excessive water; it will speed up the drying process of your carpet. Shop vacs are super durable and powerful in extracting liquids from the surface, like carpets. These types of vacs have an in-built design function to soak up liquids; the machine components and the surface are free from damage risk.  

Can I Use A Regular Vacuum On a Wet Carpet?  

No, you cannot use a regular vac on a wet carpet. There would be the risk of short circuits. Besides, a regular vacuum is not suitable for functioning well on a wet carpet. If you roll a regular vacuum cleaner over a wet carpet, the remaining soggy mess can stick inside the machine, causing clogs or blockage. As a result, you have to replace the dust cup more often without much result. That’s why we recommend not using a regular vacuum on wet carpets.  

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Is It Safe To Vacuum Wet Carpet?  

Using a regular vacuum may cause minor to severe injury, machine damage, as blemishing of the carpet, whereas using wet and dry models are completely safe for wet carpet.  

Is It Safe To Vacuum Wet Carpet

Do You Vacuum Before Shampooing Carpet?  

Yes, it’s recommended to vacuum the entire carpet before you use shampoo. A vacuum cleaner will remove maximum fine dirt, like stuck-on hair, pet dander, flakes, etc., from the carpet and help you to clean the carpet from its core. Once the initial vacuuming is done, you can set the carpet for shampooing and deep cleaning.  

Can You Vacuum Wet Carpet With A Dyson?  

If a Dyson vacuum cleaner is capable of extracting excess water from a wet carpet, then yes, you can use that vacuum. You can choose the Dyson Hard DC56; it’s a wet and dry model perfect for wet carpets.  

Dyson Vacuum Cleaner

Can You Vacuum Damp Carpet  

It’s strongly recommended not to use a regular vacuum cleaner on a damp carpet. Instead, use a vacuum cleaner that is designed for a wet surface. If you don’t have a suitable vac for the wet carpet, then you can consider any of the following methods:  

Leave The Damp Carpet Under Direct Sunlight  

During summer, it’s easier to dry a wet carpet; you can simply lay down the wet carpet or hang it over the rope in the outside yard of your home or on the rooftop. However, it may take more time to dry out the carpet if the sunlight is deemed.  

Use Air Blower  

If the sunlight is not enough, then choose an air blower to quicken the drying process. Besides keeping the room windows open for proper ventilation, ceiling fans or table fans are alternatives to air blowers to speed dry a damp carpet. 

Dry With Air

Use Dehumidifiers  

Dehumidifiers eliminate moisture from the air. So, when you activate a dehumidifier along with the fan, it’ll drop the room’s humidity; as a result, the blowing air will absorb more water from the carpet, and the carpet will dry within a few hours.  

Turn On Your Room Heater  

If you have a room heater, turn it on while drying a damp carpet inside the room. Using a dehumidifier and hot air together can speed up drying a damp carpet.  

Final Words  

Vacuuming a wet carpet is a good idea as long as you’re with the right vac (shop vac). Alternatively, you can dry the carpet without using a vacuum cleaner, which could be time-consuming. If your carpet is excessively wet, then we suggest using an efficient shop vac to extract the water as much as possible. After that, you can use a carpet dryer to restore the fluffiness of the carpet.   

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