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Best Cellular Security Cameras: Relentless Hawk-eyes To Secure Your Property!

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Written By Jonathan Adams

Need a surveillance system that works without Wi-Fi or power outlets? There are a host of cellular security cameras on the market with lots of gimmick features to perplex you. If you want to buy the best cellular security camera, be sure to check key features such as a higher resolution camera with a wider field of view, false alert detection, weather resistance, a longer battery life, unlimited storage, and cloud storage before deciding.

We found the Ebticam 4G LTE Cellular Security Camera is overall best with 2k vibrant HD resolution, local storage of up to 32GB (microSD card included), 360-degree rotation capacity, and a clear night view to safeguard your construction site or any other properties. If you need better resolution (2K) with a starlight sensor for night-time monitoring, then the Eufy 4G Starlight cellular security can be the best pick. Not limited to that, Simple Living Insider’s testers have scrutinized 16 more cellular security cameras; after an excruciatingly arduous testing time, the team shared the list of the Best Cellular Security Cameras to bring you the top hawk-eyes that money can buy now. So, hop on! 

Our Top Pick of Best Cellular Security Cameras

Ebticam 4G LTE Cellular Security Camera 


  • Network Connectivity: 4G, Verizon, At& T, T-Mobile  
  • Resolution: 2k  
  • Detection Range: Motion, human, animal  
  • Storage: Cloud, MicroSD card (32 GB included)  
  • Night Vision: Yes  
  • Weather Resistant: IP65  
  • Two-Way Audio: Yes  
  • GPS: No 


  • Provides vibrant footage quality   
  • 4X digital zoom works for better detection  
  • Built-in spotlight gives better night visibility  
  • Quick in detection and sending alarm  
  • PIR sensor filters false alarms impressively  
  • Wider and adjustable viewing angle  
  • Sim card and a 32GB microSD included  
  • Solar panel included as a convenient backup 


  • Limited to only 4G coverage location  

Ebticam’s 4G LTE Cellular Security Camera comes with a complete package- a 5w solar panel, a rechargeable battery (10400mAh), an EIOTCLUB prepaid 4G LTE SIM card, a microSD card (32GB), and more!   

When we started monitoring via this 4G LTE Cellular Security cam, we found that the capture was crystal clear, along with its vibrant footage quality. It is designed with a decent weather-resistant capacity so you can set this best cellular security camera to monitor the outside of your home, farms, countryside, barns, and construction site.  

This cellular security camera gives a wider view; you can rotate the camera in any direction with its 355-degree pan and 100-degree tilt. Its highly sensitive PIR motion sensor enables the camera to detect movements and notify you instantly; the PIR sensor is highly advanced to reduce false alarms. With this 4G LTE Cellular Security Camera, you can rely bluntly on this marvel of a security camera!  

  • Buy this if you want a complete package. It’s rare to have all the necessary gadgets in one package, but the 4G LTE Cellular Security Camera is different. With this camera, you don’t need to purchase a SIM card, a microSD card, or even a solar panel separately!  
  • Don’t buy this if a 4G network is not available. In any remote area where a 4G network is not available, you can do nothing with this cellular security camera.  

Eufy 4G Starlight  

Eufy 4G Starlight  


  • Network Connectivity: 3G/4G LTE  
  • Resolution: 2K  
  • Detection Range: Motion, human & animal  
  • Storage: Local (built-in)  
  • Weather Resistant: IP67  
  • Night Vision: Yes  
  • Two-Way Audio: Yes  
  • GPS: Yes


  • High-quality images and videos (120-degree FOV)  
  • Starlight sensor ensures impressive night vision   
  • 4X digital zoom provides a better look at any footage  
  • Track the camera from anywhere using a GPS-system  
  • Dust and moisture resistance is better for external monitoring  
  • Supports Alexa and Google Assistants


  • Limited local storage (8GB)  
  • The cellular data plan can be costly  

Eufy 4G Starlight is a reliable reporter that is able to filter nearly 95% of false alarms with its built-in powerful AI. Along with its long-lasting battery life, you can use the solar panel (sold separately) for convenient backup.  

Our testers found this smart cellular security camera captures impressive footage quality during day and night. The camera outperforms many with its higher resolution quality; its starlight sensor enables the camera to capture crystal-clear footage at night, which is better than the Arlo Go 2.  

As you don’t need any Wi-Fi connection or power outlets, you can easily install the Eufy 4G Starlight without any hassle. During our test, we have found the cam is highly durable and will last for years. On top of it, we were highly impressed that this IP67-certified Cellular Security Camera can sustain through a full rainy day.   

  • Buy this if you need clearer night vision. Eufy provides 2K color vision 24/7; this cellular security camera can cover a wide (120-degree) field view for better projection.  
  • Don’t buy this if the AT&T or T-Mobile network is not available. Eufy supports AT&T and T-Mobile networks only; it doesn’t support the Verizon network. If you need a Verizon-supported cellular security camera, then the 4G LTE Cellular Security Camera is a ready-to-go option for you.  


  • Network Connectivity: 3G/4G LTE, T-Mobile, Verizon, and USCellular  
  • Resolution: 1080p HD  
  • Detection Range: Motion, person, face, animal, package  
  • Storage: Cloud Subscription, MicroSD card (sold separately)  
  • Night Vision: Yes  
  • Weather Resistant: IP 65  
  • Two-Way Audio: Yes  
  • GPS: Yes  
  • Integration: Alexa, Google Assistant, IFTTT 


  • Provides HD footage when detecting the motion  
  • Decent visibility at night  
  • Excellent local storage facility  
  • Track the camera from anywhere using a GPS-system  
  • Decent weather-resistant capacity  
  • Can be placed on a flat surface or mounted on a wall


  • Sim cards and MicroSD cards are sold separately  

Arlo Go 2 is best for monitoring the outside of your home or far backyard. Along with its HD quality footage and wider area view (130 degrees), it can accurately detect people, faces, animals, and packages and separate them distinctively.  

Arlo Go 2 is Wi-Fi compatible, so if you’re suddenly out of the cellular plan, then the Wi-Fi (if available) can play the backup role.   

Besides, you can choose Arlo’s monthly Cloud Subscription to store and review the recorded footage, or you can purchase a micro-SD card for storing up to 256GB. While testing, Arlo’s storage facility performed better than the Eufy.  

  • Buy this if you need an unlimited local storage Facility. Although the local storage/microSD card is sold separately, it offers up to a huge 256GB storage capacity. Besides, if you want Wi-Fi compatibility Along with a cellular data plan, you can operate an Arlo Go 2 cellular security camera via a Wi-Fi connection.  
  • Don’t buy this if you want a clearer night view. Arlo Go 2 is slightly lower in capturing night views. In terms of footage quality, Eufy performs better than Arlo Go 2.




  • Network Connectivity: 4G LTE, T-Mobile  
  • Resolution: 2k  
  • Detection Range: Motion- People, Vehicle  
  • Storage: Cloud, MicroSD card up to 128 GB (sold separately)  
  • Night Vision: Yes  
  • Weather Resistant: IP65  
  • Two-Way Audio: Yes  
  • GPS: No 


  • High-quality HD resolution provides clear footage  
  • Decent night vision up to 33ft  
  • Local storage capacity is up to 128 GB
  • Smart detection technology reduces false alert  


  • No spotlight  

Whether you need an effective security solution for a large area like vehicle garages, Reolink Go Plus can be a smart choice. We observed that this cellular security camera is smart enough to capture humans as well as vehicles within its range.  

Similar to other Best Cellular Security Cameras, you can operate the Reolink 4G LTE by purchasing local storage up to 128 GB (microSD card sold separately) or choosing a Cloud Storage subscription.  

What we liked most about the Reolink Go Plus is that it comes up with a solar panel, which backs up the camera and outperforms even if the battery goes down.  

  • Buy this if you need to monitor larger areas. As this smart security camera can cover a wider area and detect vehicles, its best use is in a large garage area or other large areas where electricity or Wi-Fi is unavailable.  
  • Don’t buy this if you need a longer battery life. The battery of the Reolink 4G LTE cellular security camera drains fast; it might be a hassle to recharge it frequently. However, solar panel backup is included so you can save the battery for a longer time.  

SOLIOM S600 3G  

SOLIOM S600 3G  


  • Network Connectivity: 3G/4G LTE  
  • Resolution: 1080p  
  • Detection Range: Detect any motion  
  • Storage: Cloud, MicroSD card up to 128 GB (sold separately)  
  • Weather Resistant: IP66  
  • Night Vision: Yes  
  • Two-Way Audio: Yes  
  • GPS: No 


  • Provides HD-quality footage  
  • Spotlight works well for night visions  
  • Designed for a wider view (pan tilt 360-degree)  
  • Two-way audio 


  • Motion-detection zone is not adjustable  
  • Night vision is not par excellent 

Need a cellular security camera with wider outdoor viewing? Then Soliom S600 3/4G cellular security camera is ready to secure your place with its wider viewing capacity. With its 320-degree pan and 90-degree tilt, you can rotate the camera and point it across the surroundings. You’ll miss nothing!  

Apart from its wider viewing capacity, it has a superior battery and solar panel backup, so you don’t need to worry about the camera being disconnected. Besides, you can purchase a separate micro-SD card up to 128 GB to store your footage locally, or you can subscribe for Cloud storage.  

However, while monitoring its footage quality, we found that its night view is not that much impressive as Eufy or 4G LTE cam, even though the camera features a spotlight for night-time monitoring up to 32ft.   

  • Buy this if you need to monitor a larger area. As the camera can be rotated at 360 degrees, it’ll be easier to monitor a larger area with one or two Soliom S600 3/4G cellular networks.  
  • Don’t buy this if you’re planning for outside the US. This camera will work within the US territory. So, if you’re planning to install it outside the country, don’t!  

Why Is a Cellular Security Camera Important?  

A cellular security camera is mostly used for outside security where Wi-Fi connection or power outlets cannot be reached. So, with one or multiple cellular security cameras, you can protect your remote properties, can organize events remotely, and will be able to secure the outside area of your home.  

Besides, using a cellular security camera is safer than other wire/wireless models that require Wi-Fi. Cellular security cameras use cellular signals to transfer data, which is nearly impossible to hack.  

As operating a cellular security camera requires no Wi-Fi and power outlets, you can easily install the camera anywhere more strategically to strengthen the security system of a required area.  

Best Cellular Security Cameras: Buying Guide  

A cellular security camera is the only solution where Wi-Fi or electricity is not available. Let’s see what you should consider when choosing the Best Cellular Security Camera:  

Better Footage Quality  

Purchase a cellular security camera that features HD quality footage of 1080p or above; the more, the better.   

Why is Footage Quality Important?  

Getting a clear feed for better identification with clear details is essential. With a higher resolution, you can easily monitor the action with clearer details.   

Adjustable Area Coverage  

Coverage refers to the area that a cellular security camera can reach and transmit its signal to the central monitoring station or your device. A good quality cellular security camera offer a wider view up to 360-degree rotation capacity, so you can monitor almost everything that’s happening on the other side.  

What is the Benefit of an Adjustable Area Coverage While Using a Cellular Security Camera?  

If the camera’s coverage is limited, one camera won’t be able to cover a larger area at a time. So, it won’t be able to provide the maximum protection you need; you’ll need more than one security camera for full coverage. Larger area coverage with 360-degree rotation capacity, along with a wider area capture, means you can actually rely on the cellular security camera.  

False Alarm Reducing   

Before purchasing a cellular security camera, check out how much the camera is able to filter false alarms. The accuracy of reducing false alarms depends on AI sensor capacity and software.   

Why You Need A Better False Alarm Capacity in A Cellular Security Camera?  

Cellular security camera detects based on the AI motion-sensing ability. Motions like fallen leaves, excessive dust, movements of insects, and spider webs can create false alarms, which irritate and consume storage unnecessarily. It can effectively reduce up to 99% of false alarms.  

Adequate Storage Capacity   

Cloud subscription is a secure way to back up/store the footage along with the local storage of a cellular security camera. Not all the models offer cloud subscriptions as an optional way for storage backup; for example, if you purchase Eufy, you have to use Cloud storage once the 8GB of in-built storage is fully consumed. You can use a storage calculator to calculate how much space is needed for you.  

Why Do You Need Additional Storage for Cellular Security Camera?  

High-resolution footage needs more storage; you’ll need a larger storage capacity to record more high-quality footage. Many cameras are designed with in-built storage that might not be sufficient for a longer time. In that case, the Cloud subscription works as an additional storage.  

While the local storage is in use, you can avoid the monthly cost of the Cloud subscription. However, you cannot access the footage remotely if you don’t have valid cloud storage. Besides, if the local storage is somehow destroyed, no footage can be retrieved.  

Higher IP Rating   

IP rating tells you the weather-resistant capacity of your cellular security camera. IP number consists of two digits based on two different scales- the first digit scale is 0-6, which determines the dust-resistant capacity, and the second digit scale is 0-9, which determines the water or moisture-resistant capacity.  

Why is IP Rating an Important Factor in Buying A Cellular Security Camera?  

A cellular security camera with a low IP rating may be more prone to malfunction or damage due to exposure to these external factors. This can lead to costly repairs or even replacing the camera entirely.  

For example, an IP rating of IP67 indicates that the camera is completely dust-tight and can also withstand water immersion up to a depth of 1 meter for up to 30 minutes. For a normal outdoor environment, an IP rating of IP65 is enough.  

Battery Life  

A camera with a good battery life will be able to operate for a longer period. For example, Eufy offers to avoid costly battery replacement as it provides up to 3 months of lasting battery power. Besides, if you have a backup solar panel, there is no need to worry about operating the camera, even if the battery goes down.  

Why is A Longer Battery Life and Solar Panel Important?  

If a camera’s battery needs to be charged frequently, it can be inconvenient for you to constantly have to remove it from its mounting location and plug it in. This can be especially problematic if the camera is mounted in a hard-to-reach location.   

Besides, if the camera has less battery life and there is a power outage, it won’t be able to operate effectively. That is why solar panel backup is essential.  

GPS Tracking  

Cellular Security Cameras often feature built-in GPS so you can track the camera as well as its location.  

Why is GPS Tracking Important?  

As your cellular security camera is not tangled with wire, it’s easier to steal. In that case, GPS tracking could help trace the thief’s location.  


Due to technological advancement in cellular networking, now it’s possible to access remote areas via cellular security cameras. These devices are mostly effective where you don’t have a power supply and available Internet. Using a cellular security camera is almost similar to the way you use your smartphone. With a suitable camera, you can easily secure your rural properties.

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