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How to Reset Simplisafe Camera in Minutes: All You Need To Know

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Written By Edward Cohen

Sometimes, our security camera needs a little reset, especially when you’re having any feed issues or moving to a new place. Whatever the reason, in many situations, simply resetting the camera will often solve the case, and it’s the same with the popular SimpliSafe cameras. You don’t have to call a professional to reset a SimpliSafe camera. Let’s guide you through the easy-to-follow process of resetting a SimpliSafe camera so anyone, including you, can reset their SimpliSafe camera like a pro!   

How To Reset SimpliSafe Camera: Step-by-step Guide 

Step 1: Power Off The Camera 

First things first, you’ll need to power off the camera by unplugging it from the power source or removing the batteries if it’s battery-powered. 

Step 2: Factory Reset The Camera 

Locate the reset button on your camera, typically on the back or bottom of the device. Press and hold the button for 20 seconds, and then release it. It will factory reset your camera and erase all stored settings, including Wi-Fi credentials and custom motion detection zones. 

Step 3: Reconnect The Camera To The Power  

After the factory reset, reconnect the camera to power by plugging it back in or inserting batteries.  

Step 4: Reconnect The Camera To The SimpliSafe App  

Once your camera is powered back on, you’ll need to reconnect it to the SimpliSafe app. Open the app and go to the camera settings. Select “Add Device” and follow the on-screen prompts to reconnect your camera to the app. 

Step 5: Test The Camera  

Finally, test your camera to ensure that it’s functioning properly. Check the camera’s live feed and make sure it’s streaming correctly. If you experience any issues, try resetting the camera again or contact SimpliSafe support for further assistance.

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When Should You Reset Your SimpliSafe Camera? 

There are several scenarios when knowing how to reset the SimpliSafe camera can be so helpful. If you’re facing any of the below issues, reset the camera. 

Connectivity Issue 

We all know how frustrating it can be when your camera fails to connect to the app or the Wi-Fi network. A simple reset of the camera can often do wonders in resolving the problem. 

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Video Quality Issue 

If you’re experiencing blurry or pixelated images, resetting your camera can sometimes fix the problem and restore the clear footage you expect from the camera. 

Audio Issue 

If you’re dealing with audio issues and can’t hear anything, don’t panic! Simply resetting the SimpliSafe camera can often help solve the problem and restore audio functionality.  

Moving On To New Place 

Resetting the camera is a must if you’re moving the camera to a new location. It ensures that your camera is set up correctly in its new environment, connects seamlessly to your Wi-Fi network, and captures footage without any hiccups. 

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Reset vs. Restart 

Resetting a camera means starting from scratch and wiping all the customized settings you may have put in place. On the other hand, restarting means turning the camera off and on again without changing anything you’ve already set up. 

When to reset a security camera? 

If your SimpliSafe camera has connectivity, feed, or audio issues, it’s better to reset the camera before calling a technician. Moreover, people often reset a security camera when they forget the password to access it. Resetting the device allows you to set up a new password and regain access. However, it’s important to keep in mind that resetting the camera will erase all of its settings, so it’s best to document the settings beforehand if you plan on resetting it. 

When to restart a security camera? 

On the other hand, restarting your security camera is a quick way to troubleshoot issues. If you notice that your camera isn’t working correctly, such as the live feed freezing or the app not connecting, try restarting the camera first. It often resolves minor system glitches. 

Tips: Keep your security camera’s firmware up to date and reconfigure your security settings after resetting your device to ensure the camera runs optimally. 

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How Do I Reconnect My SimpliSafe Camera To Wi-Fi? 

Let’s walk through the step-by-step process to reconnect your SimpliSafe camera to Wi-Fi: 

First, make sure that your Wi-Fi network is up and running. Check if other devices are connected to the network to check the Wi-Fi connection is stable. Besides, make sure the camera is within the range of your Wi-Fi network. 

Next, ensure your camera is powered on and connected to a power source.  

Then, Reset the camera to its default settings. 

After that, use the SimpliSafe app (download the app if you don’t have it installed) on your phone and log in. Follow the on-screen instructions to add a new camera. For example, you can press the “Get Your Code” button so that the QR code comes up and then present the QR code displayed on your phone to the camera while holding it. 

Lastly, test the camera by checking the live feed on your phone or computer. If there are still issues, try resetting your camera again. If you still have issues, it’s better to contact SimpliSafe customer support for further assistance. 

Can I Factory Reset My SimpliSafe? 

Maybe you’re having issues with the current settings or simply looking to start fresh with your home security. Whatever the reason, you can factory reset a SimpliSafe security camera by following the above-mentioned steps of resetting the SimpliSafe camera.’ 

Final Words 

As with any electronic device, there may come a time when you need to reset your SimpliSafe camera. Whether it’s due to a technical issue or simply to start fresh, resetting the camera can often solve the issue. But if you encounter the issue even after resetting, don’t hesitate to reach out to SimpliSafe’s customer support team.  

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