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Can You Pressure Wash a Couch: Easy-to-Follow Steps

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Written By Jonathan Adams

A couch is meant for heavy use and may require occasional deep cleaning. Is it possible to pressure wash a couch? The answer is yes, it’s possible to pressure wash a couch, and it’s the best way to clean a couch. Whether it’s an indoor or outdoor couch, it can attract dust particles over time and can become their breeding ground. Before pressure washing, it’s recommended to clean the couch by using couch vacuum cleaner.

Besides, pressure washing allows deep cleaning to extract the thriving particles that are deeply penetrated and settled inside the couch. Instead of spending on professionals, if you pressure wash a couch on your own, here is an easy-to-follow guide on how to pressure wash a couch, along with tips and precautions and all you need to know.  

Can You Pressure Wash a Couch: Which Couch Material Should Not Pressure Wash?  

It’s possible to pressure wash a couch, but some couch materials like velvet, suede, and silk should not be pressure washed. Hence, you should find out the care instructions for the couch and figure out the cleaning code instructed by the manufacturer.   

If the fabric material is not waterproof, such as microfiber, or it’s too delicate, you cannot clean that couch with a pressure washer; you can rub the stained area with alcohol.   

Can You Pressure Wash a Couch

How to Pressure Wash a Couch  

In order to pressure wash a couch, first gather the necessary items required for pressure washing the couch and then follow our easy steps one by one to restore its shine!   

What You Need To Pressure Wash Couch?  

  • A vacuum cleaner  
  • A pressure washer  
  • A low-pressure nozzle attachment  
  • Cleaning solution (water-based, solvent-based, or both)  
  • Towels  

Pressure Washing A Couch: Step-By-Step Process  

Step 1: Strip off the Couch Covers  

If there are any removable covers over the couch, take them off. They can be washed differently, either in a machine or in a laundry.  

Step 2: Vacuum the Couch  

Use a vacuum cleaner to remove all the loose dirt and particles on the couch’s surface.  

Step 3: Fill the Pressure Washer with a Cleaning Solution  

Check the manufacturer’s instructions to know the cleaning code of your couch. If it indicates a solvent or water-based solution, use them accordingly. You can use water and a small amount of baking soda/ vinegar/dish soap.  

Step 4: Set the Pressure Washer  

Start with the lowest setting of your pressure washer. Keep the nozzle about one foot away from the couch and hold it properly.  

Step 5: Pressure Wash the Couch  

Move the nozzle over the couch; slowly move it back and forth. Don’t stick the nozzle in one space for a long time, and don’t use a higher speed as it might damage the couch.  

Step 6: Clean the Couch  

Once you’re done with pressure washing, use clean water to rinse the couch. Later, use a towel to soak up the water as much as possible; it will speed up drying the couch.  

Step 7: Dry Your Couch  

After soaking water from the couch, let it air dry properly; you can switch on fans and dehumidifier together to speed up the drying process. Don’t put on any sheets or coverings unless the couch gets dried completely.  

Precautions Before Pressure Wash a Couch: Tips and Tricks  

A pressure washer can help remove stubborn stains from the surface. However, you have to remain cautious while using a pressure washer. Here are a few things you should care about:  

Ensure Your Safety: Wear safety goggles, hand gloves, and protective clothes so nothing can harm you while pressure washing the couch.  

Select a Suitable Outdoor Area: Outdoor yards or garages can be a good space for pressure washing a couch. It will save your indoor households from getting messy.  

Adjust the Lowest Unit Settings: Higher unit power of a pressure washer can remove dreadful stains, but it can also potentially damage the couch. So, keep an adequate or lower unit power that effectively cleans the couch without tearing or damaging it.  

Don’t Keep the Nozzle Too Close at a Spot: Use a suitable nozzle while pressure washing your couch; use a wide-angle nozzle if you need to clean a larger area at a time. If you need to remove stubborn stains, then use a narrow-angle nozzle.   

Tips: Don’t continue pressing the nozzle only at one spot. Maintain adequate distance and gently move the nozzle over the couch.  


A Pressure washer is normally used for deep cleaning or removing stubborn grease or stains from surfaces like unsealed concrete floors, upholstery, etc. In fact, it’s great if you pressure wash your couch once or twice a year to keep your living or outdoor environment cozy and healthy. At the same time, it’ll increase the self-life of your couch for an extended time.

Can You Pressure Wash a Couch: FAQ

Can you pressure wash the fabric?  

Yes, you can pressure wash fabrics that are mostly heavy-duty outdoor fabrics. Lightweight fabrics are not recommended for pressure washing since they are prone to damage and tear. While pressure washing cushions, keep the PSI setting at the lowest; it’ll reduce the tearing risk of the fabrics.  

Can you pressure wash a microfiber couch?  

Don’t use a pressure washer for a microfiber couch since the material is extremely delicate. However, microfiber couches can be liquid-resistant; it’s recommended to clean any liquid mess instantly by rubbing alcohol.   

Can I pressure wash my couch cushions?

Yes, you can pressure wash your couch cushions. To avoid any damage, don’t keep the hose too close to the cushion fabrics so you can avoid any possible damage. 

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