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Why Are Vacuum Cleaners So Loud: Effective Hacks to Get Rid of Annoying Noise of a Vacuum!

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Written By Jonathan Adams

Is there anyone who does not find the louder noise of a vacuum cleaner annoying? Most of us are irritated by the sounds those vacs generate and wonder why vacuum cleaners are so loud (why such a bustling sound while vacuuming dust and tiny particles!). This post examines all your queries, tips, and hacks for reducing the noise level. Read out in full to eliminate the loud noise these vacs produce.  

Why Are Vacuum Cleaners So Loud: Is It Normal?  

All the vacuum cleaners create noise- some models are louder, whereas others are almost noiseless. When you increase the speed of your vacuum cleaner, its fan will rotate faster to collect stubborn dirt or deep clean. As a result, sounds get louder. Also, the motor is powerful enough to produce noise.  

But what if there is excessive noise coming out of your vac?   

Poor vacuum cleaner maintenance can create mechanical malfunctions, which are often responsible for unusually louder noise. At the same time, due to such malfunctions, the machine can be damaged entirely!  

Let’s have a look at what exposes your vacuum cleaner to excessive noise:  

Uncleaned filter  

We often forget to clean or delay replacing the vacuum filter after using it. If the filter gets clogged, remains uncleaned, or doesn’t replace the dust filter when needed, it’s likely to create unusual sound effects as soon as you activate the vac.  

Dirt Clogs  

Many vacuum cleaners are versatile; they can vacuum different types of dirt throughout your home. While vacuuming, hair, little chunks of debris, plastics, and other things can stick inside the vac, preventing the machine from working adequately. It ultimately results in creating louder noise.  

Damaged Brush And Fan  

Due to improper use, mechanical malfunction, or a vacuum getting older, the brush case can get damaged, or the fan can be broken. As a result, your vacuum cleaner may produce louder noise.  

Dirty Dirts

Are Vacuum Cleaners Made To Be Loud?  

No, not all vacuum cleaners are made to be loud. The noise level of a vacuum cleaner mainly depends on the motor power and suction capacity. Usually, high-powered vacuum cleaners are noisy as they are manufactured for heavy-duty clean-up. Conversely, household vacuum cleaners are not so loud.  

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Can Vacuums Be Silent?  

Let’s accept the fact that a vacuum cannot be silent. But don’t get frustrated too soon! A specific range of noise is due to airflow and vibration generated by the machine. However, you can reduce the noise effect at the same time, increase shelf-life.   

How Can I Make My Loud Vacuum Quieter?  

If your vacuum cleaner is louder than usual, it’s probably due to some malfunction, so we recommend repairing or replacing the machine. If there is no malfunction whatsoever, follow what our expert has to say to keep the vacuum quieter:  

Clean Up The Dust Filter Or Replace It Accordingly  

Don’t let the dirt clog the dust filter. If the filter is washable, keep it clean following cleaning instructions by the manufacturer; if not, replace it, as dirt might consume the filter.  

Keep The Windows Open To Reduce The Echo  

If the vacuum creates harsh sound during household surface cleaning, open the windows to reduce sound.  

Check Out The Noise Level Before Buying  

There are different types of models available in the market. For household purposes, our experts suggest any noise level indication lower than 75 dB is tolerable to human ears.   

Install Central Vacuuming System   

A central vacuum system can be an option to reduce vacuum noise. In such a system, the primary noise source is far from your living area to avoid irritating noise.  

How Loud Should A Vacuum Cleaner Be?  

The noise level of a vacuum cleaner can be up to 90 dB, which is almost similar to the noise of heavy city traffic. Usually, industrial vacuum cleaners are louder due to their higher vacuum capacity. That’s why an industrial vacuum cleaner may produce 85-90 dB of noise. However, our experts suggest that the ideal noise level should be less than 80 dB, especially if you want to vacuum a hospital or a library.  

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On the other hand, household vacuum cleaners are not as louder as industrial vacs. A noise level below 75 dB (a little bit more than a sewing machine) is recommended while doing household clean-up for convenience and to prevent noise-induced hearing disturbance. However, you will find vacuum cleaners less than 60 dB, almost noiseless!  

Silent Vacuum Cleaner

Is there any Silent Vacuum Cleaner?   

No, there won’t be any silent vacuum cleaner that doesn’t creates any noise.   

Usually, vacuum cleaners with less than 75 dB emit lower sound, and they’re recommended for household usage, which is almost noiseless. To give you an idea, vacuum cleaners making noise lower than 60 dB, like the AEG VX82-1-ÖKO vacuum cleaner, can be considered silent and won’t bother you! 


Heavy-duty vacuum cleaners are louder since they are manufactured for a wide range of dust. Household vacs emit louder noise than industry-grade vacs. But sometimes, your household vacuum cleaners can also produce harsh and irritating noise. Check the vacuum with the criterion suggested and use the hacks to get rid of the annoyance.   

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