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Best Wired Doorbell Chime For Your Home: Tested and Reviewed!

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Written By Edward Cohen

Wired doorbell chimes are beyond producing buzzing sounds frequently that may annoy you. Since options are not limited, you can opt for doorbell chimes with customizable melodious notes and easy to install. Take our expert-recommended best-wired doorbell chime, Newhouse Hardware CHM2, offering two softer tunes, an easy installation process, and a classy traditional design complementing your home decor. However, if you already have an Arlo doorbell or cam, the Arlo Chime 2 will be more convenient. The Arlo Chime 2 can be integrated with Arlo doorbells and security cameras for enhanced security.  

Doorbell chimes come in a lot of varieties that can easily confuse you. That’s why we have tested and listed out some top-rated melodious chimes based on their sound quality, ease of installation, and style that suits your home. Let’s go in-depth one by one so you can find the best match.  

How to Choose the Best Wired Doorbell Chime  

Wired doorbells are traditional and long-lasting, up to 10 years. The first thing you seek from a doorbell chime is You need a doorbell chime that alerts you with melodious tunes. It’s best if the doorbell matches your home decor. Some advanced doorbell chimes offer easy installation and a smart sensor that alerts you if the door is opened. Including sound, design and ease of installation, here is what you need to consider while choosing a wired doorbell chime:  

Sound Quality   

The best-wired doorbell chime must be clearly audible and melodious rather than annoying. Look for a doorbell chime with a softer tune that is clearly audible to you without creating any harsh noise. Better-than-average, wired doorbell chimes feature clear sound, and some of them are designed with a wide array of melodious musical and rhythmic notes that rotate on every press. What’s more? The best doorbell chime comes with adjustable sounds so you can minimize the noise if it’s extremely loud.  

How loud are the doorbell chimes?  

Depending on your needs, you can choose a doorbell chime with a noise level ranging from 70 to 90 dB. On average, a doorbell chime produces a 70 dB sound, like a washing machine’s noise. However, there are louder models that can produce up to 90 dB of noise suitable for larger areas.   


If you have an existing doorbell, check out the chime’s compatibility with the wiring. You may need a compatible transformer to function the doorbell chime properly. Doorbell chime typically operates on a low voltage, which is supplied through a transformer. Usually, a transformer takes around 110-120 volts and lowers it to approximately 10-24 volts to create the sound of a doorbell chime.  

Is ‎Newhouse Hardware CHM2 Doorbell Chime compatible with a regular doorbell?  

Yes, the ‎Newhouse Hardware CHM2 Doorbell Chime is compatible with most regular wired doorbells. However, you must connect a 16-volt/10 VA or 16-volt/15 VA transformer with the chime for proper functioning.  

Easy Installation  

Ease of installation means how conveniently you can install the chime in an appropriate place so you can hear the bell from every corner. Some doorbell chimes, like Arlo Chime 2 and the SECRUI Door Chime, are very easy to install. Just plug them into the power outlet. Some other models require hardwire connection at the top of the wall.  

Is it worth installing the Arlo Chime 2?  

Yes, Arlo Chime 2 is worth installing if you have an Arlo Doorbell or a security camera (except the Arlo Go).   

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One Note or Two Note  

If you have two doors, you can use two-note doorbell chimes that have two distinctive tones, “Ding Dong” and “Dong,” for each door; otherwise, the 1-note doorbell is enough. The single-note doorbell has multiple melodious tuning options to choose from, and you can customize them based on your choice.   

Which doorbell chime has the best tunning options?  

Our experts say for a two-note doorbell chime, ‎the Newhouse Hardware CHM2 Doorbell Chime is best as its tune is louder as well as softer than any two-note Ding Dong bell. You can also consider Arlo Chime 2 as a sing-note chime that has multiple tuning options to choose from.  


Doorbell chimes are found in various models and styles ranging from traditional designs to sleek and trendy modern compact shapes. They beautify your home as well as alert you when someone is at the door. Seek the best-wired doorbell chime that matches the aesthetics of your home.  

What Color Is a Ring Video Doorbell Wired? 

Ring Video Doorbell Wired doorbell color is black in the middle with a dark grey button rounded by a blue circle. The Ring Video Doorbell Pro and Pro 2 are also sleek and designed with a mixture of silver (side and bell buttons) and black (in the middle).  

List Of The Best Wired Doorbell Chime

1. Newhouse Hardware CHM2 Doorbell Chime

Best Overall

Newhouse Hardware CHM2 doorbell Button


  • Installation Type: Wired  
  • Power source: AC Transformer  
  • Sound Type: Two-notes  
  • Design: Classic, white  


  • Easy installation  
  • Easier to replace  
  • Highly Affordable  
  • Lasts longer  
  • Adjustable sound  


  • Compatible transformer and doorbell button not included  


The Newhouse Hardware CHM2 Doorbell Chime looks stylish and has a more trendy design than its previous CHM1 Doorbell Chime. The doorbell’s study body guarantees its longevity. It’s also a two-note chime that is specially designed to deliver a unique experience. The sound of this wired doorbell chime is loud enough, but the tunes seem softer in this updated model. Besides, it’s compatible with most regular doorbells on the market. You can easily mount this wired gadget on the wall as long as there is existing wiring for chime installation. This doorbell chime can serve as the perfect complement for your home whether you’re looking for contemporary sophistication, timeless simplicity, or classic style. This classic doorbell chime will allow you to program up to two doors, which can put an end to the guessing game.   

Buy this if  You like a softer tune: This two-note chime sounds soft, which is clear enough to hear wherever you’re at home. The sound is loud but not harsh, so it won’t create a disturbance if someone presses the bell.  

Don’t buy this if  You’re looking for a smart doorbell chime: The Newhouse Hardware CHM2 Doorbell Chime is traditionally designed and requires a wired connection to install. If you want a wire-free or plug-in installation, then the Arlo Chime 2 is the best option to choose.  

2. Arlo Chime 2

Best Smart Doorbell Chime

‎Arlo Chime 2


  • Installation Type: Plug-in  
  • Power source: 120V AC  
  • Sound Type: Multiple notes  
  • Design: Compact, white  


  • Compatible with multiple Arlo devices  
  • Very simple installation  
  • Customizable tunes  
  • Adjustable volumes  
  • Instant auditable notification  
  • No Wi-Fi base station is required  


  • Not compatible with other than Arlo  
  • Requires a stable Internet connection


Arlo Chime 2 is a compact and best smart doorbell compatible with several Alro devices, including the Arlo Essential Video Doorbell wired/wireless, Audio Doorbell (AAD1001), and any of Arlo security cameras (excluding the Go). This smart doorbell chime can be integrated into your smartphone so it can notify you to attend the door. You can customize the ringtone of the chime and adjust the sound volume easily via the smartphone. You can connect this chime directly to the Wi-Fi, and its smart siren will be activated automatically when the device detects any motion or sound and keep intruders away from your property. The best part of this doorbell chime is it’s extremely easy to set up. Just simply connect the device to the Wi-Fi, install the Arlo app on your smartphone and follow the steps accordingly.   

Buy this if You have an Arlo Doorbell: Arlo Chime 2 is compatible with Arlo Doorbells. If you have a stable Wi-Fi connection, you can conveniently get notifications via this doorbell chime.  

Don’t buy this if  You don’t have any Arlo Devices: Arlo Chime 2 may not be compatible with any other brands. Instead, you can go for this wired doorbell chime, like the following Broan-NuTone LA11WH Door Chime, which is compatible with most regular doorbells. 

3. Newhouse Hardware CHM1 Doorbell Chime

Best Affordable

Newhouse Hardware CHM1 Door Bell Chime


  • Installation Type: Wired  
  • Power source: AC Transformer  
  • Sound Type: Two-notes  
  • Design: Box-shaped, white


  •  Easier installation  
  • Two types of sound  
  • Sturdy built quality  
  • Multiple doorbell compatibility  
  • Last longer  
  • One-year warranty 


  • Compatible transformer not included  


The Newhouse Hardware CHM1 Doorbell Chime has a traditional design. The streamlined design of this white doorbell chime enhances the aesthetics of your home. The best part is it’s affordable and also compatible with most regular doorbells. You can configure this chime for two doors. The two-note melody, Ding Dong, is for the front door, and the one-note tune, Dong, is for the backdoor, so you can easily attend the door according to the chime rings. The sound of this doorbell chime is loud and clear to alert you without causing a disturbance. So, if someone presses the bell multiple times, it won’t be bothering. However, one thing that might bother you is the chime needs a 16-volt/10 VA or 16-volt/15 VA transformer to function, which is not included in the box. You can mount this chime with screws available on the box.  

Buy this if You need louder tunes: The Newhouse Hardware CHM1 Doorbell Chime has a louder and more clearly audible sound you can hear from the last corner of the house.  

Don’t buy this if You’re looking for more than two notes in a chime: Tuning options of the Newhouse Hardware CHM1 Doorbell Chime are limited. If you like multiple tunes, then the Arlo Chime 2 will be perfect for you.  

4. Broan-NuTone LA11WH Door Chime

Best Stylish Doorbell Chime

Broan-NuTone LA100WH Doorbell


  • Installation Type: Wired  
  • Power Source: AC transformer  
  • Sound Type: Two-notes  
  • Style: Classic, off-whiten


  • Two-notes tunning  
  • Easy setup  
  • The sound quality is not annoying  
  • Beautifies home decor


  • Side mounting might be a hassle  


The white-textured Broan-NuTone LA11WH Door Chime is decorative and appears in a classic style. The NuTone LA100WH is also a two-note chime that can be used for the front door as well as for the backdoor or top of the window wall. Unlike smart doorbell chimes, you cannot customize this doorbell chime. However, its two-note tuning can easily let you know which door to open when the bell rings. This classic doorbell chime can be integrated with most doorbells easily. For a trouble-free installation, it’s recommended to set up wired doorbell chimes during the building construction or renovation.  

Buy this if You’re looking for a stylish traditional wired doorbell chime: The Broan-NuTone LA11WH Door Chime has a traditional design that you can mount at the front or at the back door. Its unique design and color suit the most stylish household wall.  

Don’t buy this if You’re looking for more affordable options: The Broan-NuTone LA11WH Door Chime comes at $39. There are some more cost-effective doorbell chimes, like the ‎Newhouse Hardware CHM2 Doorbell Chime (only $16).  

5. Heath Zenith SL-2735 35

Best Louder Doorbell Chime

Heath Zenith SL-2735 35


  • Installation: Wired 
  • Power Source: AC Transformer 
  • Sound Type: Two-Notes 
  • Design: Classic, White


  • Easy installation  
  • Easier to replace  
  • Affordable  
  • Lasts longer  
  • Two notes for separate entrances 


  • Not compatible with Ring Doorbells 


The Heath Zenith SL-2735 35 looks as stylish and classy as the Newhouse Hardware CHM2 Doorbell Chime. The two-note doorbell chime provides the best value for money. It’s also convenient to replace your existing doorbell chime. This doorbell chime is compatible with most regular doorbells on the market. This two-note chime- ‘Ding Dong’ and ‘Dong’ rings melodiously and allow you to distinguish which door to open easily. The sound of this wired doorbell chime is loud enough to hear clearly, but the tunes feel softer and more pleasing to the ears. You can easily mount this sleek classic wired gadget on the wall vertically or horizontally, the way you want.   

Buy this if  You need a louder tune: This two-note chime creates an 87 dB sound when someone press the bell button, which is loud enough that you won’t miss it.  

Don’t buy this if You’re looking for a smart doorbell chime: The Heath Zenith SL-2735 35 Doorbell Chime is traditionally designed for a wired connection. If you want a smart and wire-free installation, then the Arlo Chime 2 is the best option to choose. 

Final Thoughts  

Wired doorbell chimes have gained years of popularity since they are durable, long-lasting, and able to alert you even if you’re in the last corner of your home. At the same time, the standard wired doorbell chime has contemporary designs that are stylish, trendy, and aesthetically pleasing. Our selected doorbell chimes offer pleasing tunes and adjustable volumes, and you can install them easily. 

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