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How To Install SimpliSafe Doorbell Step-by-Step  

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Written By Edward Cohen

Doorbell cameras are handy for upgrading your home security. Some technologically advanced doorbells, like the SimpliSafe doorbells, are designed with smart and convenient features, including two-way audio, motion detection, and customizable alerts to enhance the safety of your home. The best thing about the Simplisafe doorbells is that they are sleek and easy to install. In this post, we’ll elaborate on the step-by-step process of installing a SimpliSafe doorbell. Let’s start!   

Tools That Require To Install SimpliSafe Doorbell  

The following equipment will be required to install SimpliSafe Doorbell:  

  • A screwdriver kit with a regular screwdriver  
  • A drill with a drill bit  
  • Doorbell mounting screws, anchors, and power kit  
  • 18 VAC doorbell power supply adapter (if there is no pre-installed doorbell)  

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How To Install SimpliSafe Doorbell  

Installing a SimpliSafe Doorbell doesn’t require much time. Here are the easy-to-follow steps to install the SimpliSafe Doorbell:  

Step 1: Power off the existing doorbell (if any)  

If you have an existing doorbell, turn off its power at the circuit breaker.  

Power off the existing doorbell

Step 2: Remove the Existing Doorbell  

Disconnect the existing doorbell from the wiring and remove it so that you can install the Simplesafe device. You can avoid the first two steps if there is no existing doorbell.  

If there is no existing doorbell, get an 18 VAC doorbell power supply adapter so you can plug it into a nearby power outlet. Then, drill a small hole outside of your door where you would like to place the doorbell.  

Remove the Existing Doorbell 

Step 3: Connect the SimpliSafe Doorbell Power Kit  

SimpliSafe Doorbell comes with a power kit; connect the power kit to the adapter or existing wiring from the previous doorbell.   

Step 4: Install the Mounting Bracket  

The doorbell includes a mounting bracket; hang on the mounting bracket at your convenient place near the door using the provided screws and anchors.  

Install the Mounting Bracket 

Step 5: Install the SimpliSafe Doorbell  

Place your SimpliSafe doorbell onto the mounting bracket. After that, adjust the angle of the doorbell based on your convenience and make use of the included level to ensure the doorbell stays straight.  

Install the SimpliSafe Doorbell  

Step 6: Turn the Circuit Breaker on  

Turn the power back on at the circuit breaker and activate your SimpliSafe Doorbell.  

Step 7: Complete the Setup Process  

Connect the doorbell to your Wi-Fi network and follow the instructions in the SimpliSafe app to complete the setup.  

Complete the Setup Process 

How To Reset SimpliSafe Doorbell  

Simply resetting the SimpliSafe doorbell can troubleshoot issues, such as video feed freeze, Wi-Fi, or app connectivity. Here is how to reset the SimpliSafe Doorbell:  

Step 1: Press and hold the button on the back of the doorbell until the doorbell begins flashing.  

Step 2: Release the button when you see the light flashing in front of the doorbell. Wait for a while to reboot the doorbell until the light turns into a solid blue.  

Step 3: Open the SimpliSafe app and go to the setting option. Reconnect the doorbell to your Wi-Fi network by following the instructions in the app.  

Note: Resetting the doorbell will remove all your previous settings and data associated with the SimpliSafe Doorbell. You have to reset all the settings on your app.  

Final Words  

Installing a SimpliSafe doorbell follows a simple process that can be completed without any hassle or tangling with a heavy cord. With the right tools and tips mentioned in this post, you can successfully install a Simplesafe Doorbell camera for enhanced security.   

How To Install Simplisafe Doorbell: FAQ  

Does SimpliSafe Doorbell Have To Be Hard Wired?  

Yes, the Simplesafe Doorbell must be hard-wired. However, its installation process is easier, and you don’t need any professional help regarding the installation.   

Can you install a SimpliSafe doorbell without wiring?  

No, you cannot install a Simplesafe doorbell without wiring. If there is an existing wired doorbell, it’ll be easier to replace that device with a Simplesafe Doorbell.   

Does SimpliSafe doorbell Pro work without wiring?  

No, Simplesafe Doorbell Pro doesn’t work without wiring. It requires a hard wire to install and function. 

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