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How To Reset IP Camera Without Reset Button: All You Need to Know  

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Written By Edward Cohen

Resetting IP cameras can solve temporary technical errors such as software glitches and network issues, or it may help restore default settings. If the camera is manufactured with a reset button, resetting your IP camera will be straightforward. What if the camera doesn’t feature a reset button? No wonder! There is nothing to worry about since you can still reset the IP camera. Isn’t it great? Stick to us to know how to reset the IP camera without the reset button so you can easily solve technical glitches and re-configure the camera following some easy steps.  

How To Reset IP Camera Without Reset Button  

If your IP camera doesn’t have a reset button, you can reset the camera by unplugging it. Here is the step-by-step process of how to reset the IP camera by removing it from the power outlet:  

Step 1: Unplug the camera from the power outlet. If your IP camera is powered by a removable battery, then take the battery out.  

Step 2: After disconnecting the power, wait for 10-15 minutes  

Step 3: Now, plug in the camera again or insert the battery back into the compartment.  

Step 4: Wait for a while and let the camera boot up and get connected to the network.   

Step 5: Re-configure your camera after resetting the device.  

How To Reset Ip Camera Without Reset Button  

How To Reset IP Camera With Computer? 

You can also use a computer to reset the IP camera. Here are the steps to follow:  

Step 1: Figure out the camera’s IP address  

To reset the camera with the computer, you’ll need the IP address of the camera. The IP address of your camera can be found on the router’s settings options.   

Step 2: Log in to the camera’s web interface  

Once you find the IP address, open a browser and type the IP address. Access the camera’s web interface by typing the camera’s default username and password to log in to the website.  

Step 3: Look for the Resetting Option  

You’ll find options called the “System” or “Maintenance” menu, then go to the reset option and click on it. Wait until the camera gets ready after resetting.  

How To Reset IP Camera With Computer

How To Reset IP Camera With Smart Phone?   

Resetting the IP camera with a smartphone is another alternative to the reset button. If your IP camera doesn’t feature a reset button, you can use your smartphone to reset the IP camera. Here is how:  

Step 1: Open the IP camera app on your smartphone.  

Step 2: Then go to the settings> reset option. Click on the reset button or “factory reset” option and follow the instructions accordingly.  

Step 3: The camera will restart after a while. Once the camera restarts again, make necessary changes if needed.  

How To Reset IP Camera With Smart Phone

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What If You Can’t Reset Your IP Camera?  

It’s unfortunate that some IP cameras, like the Hikvision IP camera, don’t feature reset buttons, nor can you reset them in alternate ways. These cameras need to be reset manually, meaning you must unscrew the device and find the motherboard where the reset button is installed. This process is a bit complex. That’s why we recommend asking for professional service or consulting with customer service.  

How Do I Know My IP Camera Need Reset?

If the IP camera faces connectivity issues, video feed disruptions, or settings not working as expected, then resetting the camera may solve such glitches. Resetting the IP camera can also solve temporary software or configuration issues. So, if your IP camera is facing such a fleeting problem, try to reset it and see if the camera functions properly. Otherwise, seek professional assistance or contact customer service for assistance.  

Final Thoughts  

Temporary technical glitches are common for IP cameras. By resetting the camera, such issues can be solved easily. Since some devices don’t offer convenient button options, you should know how to reset the IP camera without a reset button. However, if you’re unable to reset your IP camera, don’t force it. Instead, it’s better to ask for expert help. 

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