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How To Remove Rust from Tile Floors: All You Need to Know  

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Written By Jonathan Adams

Sneaky rust spots on the tile floor can diminish its sophistication. Rust, scientifically known as Iron Oxide, can ruin the shine of your tile floor. If you let such blemishes get older and turn into rust, it would be difficult to get rid of without damaging the tile. However, you can tilt the scales in your favor by following our easy-to-follow methods of removing rust from the tile floors. Alongside this, we will let you know what causes rust on tile floors and a list of the best rust removers to get rid of older rust and stains. Let’s embark on getting rust-free tile floors that shine up your life.

How To Remove Rust From Tile Floors?

There are many ways you can remove rust from tile floors. Whatever process you follow, always ensure your precautions, like wearing gloves and masks, to avoid direct contact with any cleaning solution.   

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Ceramic Tile Floor  

You can clean ceramic tile floors with bleach/mixture of baking soda and water/toothpaste. With the following easy-to-follow steps, you can remove rust from ceramic floors:  

Step 1: Prepare the solution using household bleach and water.   

Step 2: Apply the solution over the rusted spots and wait for a while (not more than 5 minutes).   

Step 3: Gently scrub the rust stain using a soft bristle brush. Note: Don’t use any abrasive scrubber that can potentially scratch the surface.   

Step 4: After finishing scrubbing, rinse the floor surface with clean water.  

Alternatives: If you want to clean the ceramic tile floors with baking soda, then prepare a paste-like mixture using baking soda and water and apply it over the rust stains. Then, wait for half an hour before starting scrubbing. Once you’re done with scrubbing, clean the surface with fresh water. In the same way, you can use toothpaste to remove rust from the floor. Just replace the baking soda with toothpaste.   

Ceramic Tile Floor  

Vinyl Floor Tiles  

Removing rust from vinyl floor tiles is not a hassle at all. You can use different types of ingredients to remove rust from vinyl tile floors. Get the step-by-step processes and keep your tile floor surfaces free from rust and stains:  

Vinegar and Baking Soda  

Step 1: At first, sprinkle baking soda on the rust stains and wait for a while.   

Step 2: Meantime, bring a blow containing the mixture of vinegar and water.   

Step 3: Dunk a cloth in the blow and scrub the rust with it until the stain is removed.  

Step 4: Rinse the surface properly.  

Salt and Lemon  

Step 1: Sprinkle salt on the rust and add lemon juice.   

Step 2: Wait for a while until the rusty area turns orange.   

Step 3: When it becomes orange, wipe the area with a dry cloth.  

Tartar Cream and Water  

Step 1: Make a paste-like mixture of tarter cream and water.  

Step 2: Spread the mixture over the rusty vinyl floor tiles and then wait for one hour.  

Step 3: After that, scrub the area using warm water.   

Step 4: Once you finish scrubbing, wipe the area with a damp cloth or a mop.  

Vinyl Floor Tiles  

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Porcelain Tiles  

Porcelain tiles are usually used in both wet and dry areas like bathrooms and kitchens. Percaline tiles are harder than ordinary ceramic tiles, so they can be less prone to damage. With the following steps, you can remove rust from your porcelain tile surfaces:  

Step 1: To clean rust from your porcelain tiles, you can use a mixture of vinegar and salt.   

Step 2: Create a paste-like formation with these ingredients and apply it to the rust stains.   

Step 3: Wait for up to 5 hours.   

Step 4: Then rinse off the space with hot water.   

Note: In case of stubborn rust, scrub the surface with a sponge.  

Bathroom Tiles  

You can use any of the methods mentioned above to remove rust from the bathroom floor. Besides, WD-40 is an amazing solution to remove rust from the bathroom. All you need is to spray over the rust and wait until it breaks the old rust or grease on the tiles. After that, scrub the surface with a soft bristle brush or sponge and then rinse off with clean water.  

What Causes Rust on Tiles?  

Rust is a common irritant on tile floors. The reddish-brown dust, what we call rust, is known as iron oxide. When water or moisture meets metal elements over tiles, a chemical reaction occurs, creating iron oxide (rust). Due to rust, the tile surface gradually loses its shine, and rust stains turn stubborn if you neglect to remove it.    

Best Rust Remover For Tiles  

To remove rust from your tiles, you can use homemade solutions or commercial-grade tile cleaning products. Homemade solutions are more effective for non-stubborn mild stains and rust. If the rust gets older, then you might need commercial cleaners. As a quick solution, you have a list of the best rust remover for tiles:  

Homemade Solution:  

  • Lemon Juice  
  • Hydrogen Peroxide  
  • Vinegar  

Commercial Cleaning Solution:  

  • CLR or CLR Pro  
  • Evapo-Rust Remover  
  • Iron Out Rust Stain Remover  
  • WD-40 Specialist Rust Remover  
  • Rust-Oleum Rust Disolver  

Final Words  

Light rust stains on tiles might be easier to remove, but those deeply rooted older rust require intensive cleaning to get rid of them. However, with appropriate use of cleaning solution and scrubber, you can bring back the gleaming appearance of your tile floors. You can choose to use homemade cleaning solutions or commercial products to remove rust from tiles. Whatever you use, it’s safe to test the cleaner at one corner of the floor to see if it’s harmless for your tile surfaces.  

How To Remove Rust from Tile Floors: FAQ  

Can wd-40 remove rust from tiles?  

Yes, WD-40 can remove rust from tiles, outdoor patios, and other surfaces. WD-40 is a well-known lubricant and moisture displacer that removes rust and grease from tiles and metals like iron and stainless steel.  

Does vinegar remove rust from tile?  

Yes, vinegar removes rust from tiles, particularly if the rust is stubborn and older. To remove older rust by using vinegar, first add some white vinegar to the rust directly. Then, wait for one or two hours until it gets soaked. After that, sprinkle some table salt over the rust or stain and rub the affected area with a soft brush. You can use an old toothbrush for rubbing over the stains. Once you finish scrubbing, cleanse the area properly for rust-free tiles.  

Can baking soda remove rust from tiles?  

Yes, baking soda can remove rust from tiles. At first, create a paste-like mixture of baking soda and water. Then, apply the mixture on the rusty surface and wait for 15-20 minutes. If the rust is older, then wait up to 1 hour. Meantime, make sure that the mixture doesn’t get dried. You can mist it with a water sprinkle to hold the moisture. After waiting for a while, gently scrub the rusty tile surface and rinse off the spot.  

Will CLR Remove Rust From Tiles?  

Yes, CLR will remove rust from tiles. This rust remover is particularly effective for removing rust stains found in toilet bowls, tile grout, showerheads, and faucets. 

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