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How To Empty Wyze Robot Vacuum: All You Need To Know To Enhance the Longevity Of Your Vacuum 

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Written By Jonathan Adams

The Wyze Robot Vacuum is known for effortless vacuuming. This Robot Vacuum peerlessly battles dust and debris from carpets, corners of the floors, and under-furniture areas. However, no vacuum can be performed unless it is properly maintained. While maintaining any bagged vac like the Wyze Robot that does not empty itself, emptying the vacuum’s dust cup is a “must do” if you want to use the vac for a longer period. If you don’t know how to empty Wyze Robot Vacuum, you are in the right place. We’ll shed light on the super easy way of emptying the Wyze Robot Vacuum and share some expert tips on keeping a Wyze Vac in its pinnacle efficiency for a longer span.  

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How To Empty Wyze Robot Vacuum?  

Wyze Robot vacuums are not equipped with self-emptying capacity, so you must clean the robot vac manually. However, emptying the WYZE robot vacuum causes no trouble whatsoever and takes less than a minute! Scroll through the easy-to-follow steps for emptying your Wyze Robot Vacuum Cleaner:  

Step 1: Turn off the power of the vacuum  

Step 2: Lift the top hood and pull out the dust box  

Step 3: Open the dust box gently and dispose of the collected dirt in your trash can  

Step 4: After removing dust, clean (wash or wipe) the dust box and air dry it.  

Step 5: Check out the dust cup compartment in the vacuum body for any remaining particles and clean that compartment.  

Step 6: Place the dust box inside the compartment and close the top cover properly. Now, the Wyze Robot vacuum is ready to perform your next cleaning tasks.  

When Should I Empty My Wyze Vacuum?  

Among Wyze vacuums, the Wyze Robot vacuum has a 0.55 L dust cup capacity, and the Wyze stick vacuum has a 0.7 L capacity. It’s ideal to empty the dust cup after operating up to 60 minutes before the vacuum overloads its capacity. Also, from time to time, inspect the vacuum to find if it’s showing optimal cleaning performance. If not, check out the dust cup and clean it properly.  

However, high foot traffic areas, or homes with multiple pets, require frequent vacuuming and dust disposal compared to the lower traffic or small living areas. So, considering the dust cup capacity of your Wyze vacuum and the intensity of cleaning sessions, you should empty the Wyze vacuum whenever it’s required.  

When Should I Empty My Wyze Vacuum

Should You Empty The Vacuum After Every Use?  

Emptying a vacuum cleaner’s dust bin is a must to upkeep a bagged vac like Wyze’s highest cleaning proficiency. It’s ideal to dispose of the accumulated dust after each session, especially if the dust cup reaches more than half of its capacity. If you empty the dust cup on a regular basis, there won’t be any potential risk of lowering your vacuum’s cleaning performance. So, there is no harm if you empty the vacuum after every use.  

Should You Empty The Vacuum After Every Use

How to Maintain Your Wyze Robot Vacuum for Optimal Performance?  

Regular Maintenance  

Your Wyze robot vacuum needs regular maintenance to ensure its optimal performance. You must maintain all the care instructions, from emptying the dust bin to removing other tangled or stuck on brushes or wheels while vacuuming.   

Remove Obstacles From The Cleaning Space  

To ensure an effective cleaning session, remove all the obstacles from the cleaning path, including toys, cords, clothes, and other larger scattered items from the floor surface.   

Replace Necessary Parts of the Vacuum   

It’s ideal to clean your vacuum’s dust bin and filter after every use. However, periodically replacing these parts can boost the peak performance and enhance the longevity of the robot vacuum.  

Avoid Wet Surfaces  

The Wyze Robot Vacuum has no mopping feature, and it’s intended to pick up dust particles from dry surfaces. So, stay careful when the Wyze Robot Vacuum navigates across the house.  

Adjust Optimal Settings  

The Wyze Robot Vacuum has 3 suction levels- Quiet, Standard, and Strong. Based on your cleaning requirements, set the suction power accordingly so that the vacuum doesn’t scratch the floors or tangle with carpet fibbers on the move.  

Final Words  

The Wyze robot vacuum cleaner is highly appraised by its users due to its unbeatable dust-trapping capacity. It navigates your home and ensures no dust particles residues after cleaning. However, like other cleaning devices, this robot vacuum thrives when you take proper care of it. When you dispose of the collected dirt out of the vacuum bin into your trash can, take a few moments and clean the dust cup at a time. Such maintenance after every use will bring you a spotless home and enhance the longevity of your precious vacs. 

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