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How To Get Sock Out Of Vacuum Hose: All You Need to Know  

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Written By Jonathan Adams

Clogging the vacuum’s hose during work is very annoying. Isn’t it? Like many other wispy materials, featherlike socks commonly make their way into vacuum cleaner hoses. You cannot use the hose as long as the sock remains inside. Users often damage the hose while trying to unclog it randomly instead of following a step-by-step process. If you’re struggling with your vacuum hose clogged by socks, and don’t know how to remove it, then look no further. In this article, we are going to provide easy-to-follow steps on how to get socks out of your vacuum hose. Read this post and find out how to make your vacuum clog-free once again.   

How To Get Sock Out Of Vacuum Hose: Step-by-Step  

Step 1: Power off the Vacuum  

Ensure that you turn off the vacuum power- if the vacuum is corded, unplug it, and if it’s cordless, then remove the battery (if possible). If the battery is not removable, make sure the vacuum switch remains off.  

Step 2: Check out the vacuum hose  

To check the vacuum hose inside, you must remove the attachments from the vacuum hose (if any). If you find a sock clogged inside the hose, then try to get it with your hand or with a needle nose pillar. If you cannot access the sock inside, then follow the next steps.  

Step 3: Detach the hose from the vacuum  

Unscrew the vacuum hose and separate it from the vacuum cleaner. Now bring a long thin object like a broomstick or mop handle.  

Step 4: Insert the object into the hose  

Keep the vacuum hose straight and insert the broomstick or mop handle into the hose.  

Step 5: Push the object  

Push the inserted object until the stuck-on sock reaches the open end of the hose and is removed. After that, attach the hose to the vacuum cleaner and check the vacuum if it’s functioning properly.  

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Vacuum Hose

How To Get Sock Out Of Dyson Vacuum Hose  

If the sock clogs your Dyson vacuum, then you have to remove the vacuum hose to get the sock out. To remove the hose from the Dyson vacuum-  

First, remove the wand. Press the wand release button nearby the handle top (if any) or just simply slide the wand and separate it from the vacuum. Then, find the release button on the wand and press it. The hose will be removed from the upper portion of the vacuum. Now the hose might be connected to the vacuum bottom. If it’s a canister Dyson vacuum model, remove the canister and find out the release button. Press the release button from the bottom and pull the hose simultaneously. Now, you have the entire hose released on your hand!

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To get the clogged sock out of the hose, you can quake the hose or extend it from one end to another. If the sock seems difficult to remove, then insert a thin stick-like object and carefully push it until the sock gets out from the other end of the hose.  

Vacuum With Hose

How Do You Get A Sock Out Of A Central Vacuum Hose  

Your central vacuum hose can also get clogged by a sock. So how do you unclog a central vacuum hose? Let’s see different methods to unclog a central vacuum hose:  

– If the sock is clogged into the handle nozzle of your central vacuum hose, then use a hook wire to pull up the sock.  

– Another way is using a plumber’s snake. Just gently insert the snake wire inside the hose until it touches the sock. Then carefully twist the object to hook the sock and then pull it out of the hose.  

– Insert a thin hose of another vacuum to extract the sock or apply an air compressor to create a high pressure inside the central vacuum hose to get the clogged sock out of it.  

– If no above-mentioned method can unclog your central vacuum hose, ask for professional support.  

Vacuum With Hose

Final Words  

There are many objects that can clog parts of your vacuum cleaner, like a sock. That’s why you should know how to unclog a vacuum cleaner, whether the stuck-on takes place inside the vacuum hose or stuck in the filter. Clean the vacuum hose, filter, and dust cup of your vacuum cleaner after each cleaning session, or replace them from time to time. If you properly care for and maintain it, your vacuum cleaner will have an extended shelf-life, don’t miss out!    

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