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Where To Store Vacuum Cleaner: Find the Convenient Storage Location for Your Vac

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Written By Jonathan Adams

A vacuum cleaner can be an awkward and totally unattractive appliance if stored abruptly around the house. Since we will be using it now and then, it should be stored somewhere accessible. Alternatively, storing a bulky vacuum cleaner in an inappropriate location may be troublesome, or residents may stumble or end up damaging the vacuum. So, you should find an appropriate space to store the vacuum so that it will not cause any tripping hazards or look awkward.    

To find a proper place to store, you need to consider your vacuuming habits, like: Do you vacuum regularly? What kind of vacuum cleaner do you have? Based on your answers, you should choose the most convenient spot for storing your vacuum cleaner.    

To help you figure out your answer easily and without any hurdles, in this post, we have rounded up tips and ideas on storing vacuum cleaners. Let’s begin!   

Things to Consider Before Storing Vacuum Cleaner   

There are several places where you can store your vacuum cleaner, but before storing a vacuum cleaner, you need to consider the following things:   

Storage location   

If you need to use a vacuum cleaner regularly, you have to keep the vacuum cleaner in an accessible space and at the same time safeguard it.    

Type of vacuum cleaner    

There are several types of vacuum cleaners in the market, like canister, upright, and stick vacs; each comes in a different size from small flat and round shaped robot vac, hair drier-sized handheld vac, broom-like stick vac, and large bin-sized canister vac. So, before storing, it’s important to consider the size of the vacuum cleaner to find a perfect storage location.    

Different Types Of Vacuum Cleaner & Storage Ideas   

There are several ways of storing vacuum cleaners; some vacs need more ground space, while many models can be mounted on the wall. So, based on your vacuum cleaner type, you can store this cleaning accessory in the following ways:   

Canister vacuum cleaners   

A canister vacuum cleaner is bulkier than a stick vacuum cleaner. So, you might need to create some additional space for storing a canister vac. A canister vacuum cleaner can be stored:   

  • In a Broom closet    
  • In the cupboard    
  • In a mudroom    
  • Near the trash can    
  • Under the stairs    
Canister vacuum cleaners   

Stick vacuum  

A stick vacuum is much easier to store than a canister vacuum cleaner. It’s a lightweight, slim-designed vacuum cleaner. Some stick vacuum cleaners come with wall holders, which you can use to hang the vac on the wall. Moreover, some wall holders also come with an integrated charging cable so that you can charge the cleaner as soon as you store it.    

In case your stick vacuum doesn’t come with a wall holder, you can store your vacuum cleaner:    

  • Inside the door of the meter cupboard    
  • Against the side of large cabinets or kitchen cabinets   
  • Behind the trash can against the wall    
Vacuum Stand

Handheld Vacuum Cleaners  

Handheld vacuum cleaners are the smallest and most portable, so they do not take up much space while stored. They are perfect for vacuuming cars, stairs, and even upholstery. Usually, most handheld cleaners come with a charging base or plug-in cord, so the ideal location would be near the charging dock or cupboard.   

Handheld Vacuum Cleaners  

Robot vacuum  

Most robot vacuum cleaners come with a docking station and can be easily stored in the dock for charging after vacuuming. But still, it’s important to make sure that you place the robot vacuum docking station in a good place like:    

  • Under a large piece of furniture like a high table    
  • Underneath the stairs    
  • Near the trash can    

However, while placing the dock station in the vacuum cleaner, there are some other things to keep in mind. The docking station must be:   

  • Near a low outlet, as the cords are usually short    
  • In a place where there is a decent Wi-Fi signal    
  • Away from the walkways    
Robot vacuum  

Can I store my vacuum in the garage?   

Yes, you can store your vacuum cleaner in the garage as long as it’s close to the house. But consider giving the vacuum cleaner its designated space so it is safe from getting damaged.    

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How to store an upright vacuum cleaner?   

Upright vacuums are typically larger than stick vacuum cleaners, so they require more storage space. However, you can pull off your upright vacuum cleaner and store it in the broom closet, the shoe closet, or under the sink. Besides, if you have a separate mudroom or a storage room for cleaning accessories, that will be good for storing your upright vacuum cleaner.   

Winding Up    

Storing a vacuum cleaner is no hassle if you are mindful. Simply store the equipment with other cleaning accessories storage, like in the broom closet, or mount them on the storage wall based on the size and weight of the vacuum and its usage. Hopefully, you have found effective ideas on storing vacuum cleaners from this post. If you have further queries, comment down in the comment section, and we will be prompt in reply. 

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