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Tineco S3 vs IFloor 3: Which One is Best for You?   

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Written By Jonathan Adams

Tineco is relentlessly pursuing to craft user-friendly cordless vacuums with state-of-the-art technology. Among its popular models, we tested the IFloors 3 Breeze Complete and the Floor One S3. The IFloor 3 is generously designed with dual tank technology to tackle wet and dry messes, an LED display, self-cleaning, and a powerful brushless motor to ensure optimal cleaning with remarkable efficiency. On the other hand, the Floor One S3 series is equipped with advanced technology to detect wet and dry messes automatically, auto-adjustable suction and water flow, an all-in-one display, and a longer run time. If you’re aiming to find out what separates these two remarkable vacs, you’ve landed on the right page! In this detailed post, we are going to organize a duel between Tineco S3 vs IFloor 3 so that you can pick the right one for you. Why wait? Let’s begin!

Tineco S3 Review

Tineco Floor ONE S3

Tineco Floor One S3 is a cordless upright vacuum designed to clean wet and dry messes from bare floors. This cordless vacuum can operate for up to 35 minutes. The vacuum features Tineco’s unique iLoop sensor that determines the level of debris. Based on the debris, the vacuum auto-adjusts the suction and water flow for efficient cleaning. Besides, this vacuum has a wider cleaning path to pick up dirt and debris quickly. However, this smart vacuum cannot tackle carpets or any other fabric surfaces.   


  • Lightweight upright   
  • Tackle wet and dry sticky messes   
  • Auto-adjustable suction   
  • Can detect debris type   
  • Features app and voice integration   
  • Extra HEPA filter included   


  • Cannot clean carpets   
  • Pricier than IFloor 3  

IFloor 3 Breeze Complete Review  

Tineco iFLOOR 3

The iFLOOR 3 Breeze Complete is a lightweight upright vac. This cordless vacuum operates for up to 20 minutes and cleans wet and dry messes efficiently. It can absorb 99% of the water spills from floor surfaces, as well as pick up dust and gunk quickly with its wider cleaning path. The vacuum doesn’t have an iLoop sensor, but it is integrated with a built-in display screen that shows relevant cleaning data. Besides, this hard-floor cleaner has adjustable suction power for optimal cleaning.   


  • Lightweight Upright Vac    
  • Cordless; bare-floors specific   
  • Wet and dry cleaning   
  • Adjustable suction   
  • Effective filtration system   
  • In-built display screen   


  • Battery drains faster   
  • No iLoop sensor  

Tineco S3 Vs IFloor 3: Comparision Table  

Features Tineco S3 IFloor 3 
Cleaning Path  9 inches 10.4 inches 
Motor 220W 150W, Brushless Digital 
Battery/Runtime  Up to 35 minutes Up to 20 minutes 
Filter Type HEPA Disk, (HEPA compatible) 
Display Yes Yes 
App Integration  Yes No 
Voice Assistant  Yes No 
Weight 9.9 lbs. 9.26 lbs. 
Dimensions  ‎11.3″L x 10″W x 43.3″H 11.26″L x 10.87″W x 43.31″H 
Water Tank (Clean) 0.6 L 0.6 L 
Water Tank (Dirty) 0.5 L 0.5 L 
Adjustable Suction and Water Flow  Yes Yes 
Iloop Sensor  Yes No 

Tineco S3 vs Ifloor 3: Similarities   

Tineco S3 is smarter than the IFloor 3. However, both vacuums have many similarities:   

  • Tineco Floor One S3 and IFloor 3 can clean wet and dry messes.   
  • These vacuums are cordless, lightweight, and upright.   
  • Each vacuum is meant to clean any type of indoor sealed floors, including sealed flooring, including tile, vinyl, wood, laminate, linoleum, and marble.   
  • They have almost similar size dimensions.   
  • Both vacuums feature LED displays to show the cleaning status.   
  • Each vacuum has an equal tank capacity and noise level.   
  • Both these vacuums feature pivoting floor heads and self-cleaning brushes.   

Tineco S3 Vs IFloor 3: Dissimilarities   

Despite a lot of similarities, our experts determined certain features that draw the distinction between the Tineco S3 and IFloors 3:   


The Tinceco Floor One S3 looks trendy and slim compared to the IFloor 3 Breeze Complete. The S3 has a grey canister with a white-textured top and bottom. The head and handle of the vacuum are also a shade of grey.   

The IFloor 3 Breeze Complete has a white textured canister with a grey head and handle. The vacuum is slightly wider than the S3, which looks a little bit bulkier.   

Winner: The Tineco Floor One S3 is the winner. This vacuum is slim and has a more eye-catching design.   

Cleaning Performance   

Tineco S3 can clean wet and dry messes from indoor sealed hard floors like tile, vinyl, laminate, and concrete. Compared to the IFloor 3, the Floor One S3 has a slightly smaller cleaning path, approximately 9 inches. However, the S3 has a powerful motor for efficient cleaning.   

The IFloor 3 Breeze Complete has a 10.4-inch cleaning path, which is 9 inches in the S3. Although the vacuum motor is not as powerful as other high-end vacs, it generously cleaned the sealed floors in our test lab. In our testing, the vac picked up sticky and loose dust particles with deliberate strokes without any hassle. With its wider cleaning path and adequate suction, the IFloor 3 Breeze Complete can gracefully navigate different types of hard floors.   

Winner: It’s a tie! Each of the vacuum has an efficient cleaning capacity that keeps sealed hard floors spic and span.  

Cleaning Performance   

Smart Features   

The Tineco S3 is smartly featured with an LED display, iLoop sensor, and generous self-cleaning technology. Its smart iLoop sensor can detect the debris level (stubborn or loose, larger or smaller) and automatically adjusts the suction power and water flow to ensure efficient cleaning.   

On the other hand, the IFloor 3 doesn’t feature the iLoop Smart Sensor, but like Tineco’s other smart vacuums, it also has an LED display that shows remaining battery power, blockage (if any), clean water tank empty, dirty water tank full status and more.   

Winner: The Tineco Floor One S3 is smarter with its advanced cleaning capacity, featuring iLoop sensors.   

Smart Features


The Tineco Floor One S3 has an extended run time than the IFloor 3 Breeze Complete.   

  • Tinecon Floor One S3 runtime: Up to 35 minutes   
  • Tineco IFloor 3 Breeze Complete: Up to 20 minutes   

Winner: The Floor One S3 is the clear winner here with its extended battery life!   

Included Attachment   

The Tineco Floor One S3 comes with more additional attachments, including a brush roller, HEPA filter, 3-in-1 cleaning tool, deodorizing and cleaning solution, charging base, and adapter.   

Comparatively, the IFloor 3 Breeze Complete comes with 2 Brush Rollers, 2 Cleaning Solutions, a Dry filter, a storage tray, and an adapter.    

Winner: It’s a tie, as both vacuums include necessary attachments. However, the Floor One S3 remains ahead with an extra HEPA filter.  

Included Attachment   

Who Should Buy Tineco Floor One S3   

If you’re looking for a cordless upright vacuum with advanced cleaning features and a longer run time, the Floor One S3 is the best option. The vacuum has a longer runtime and better suction capacity than Tineco’s other basic models. However, due to incorporating advanced technology, the Floor One S3 holds a pricier spot among its competitors.    

Who Should Buy Tineco IFloor 3  

If you’re looking for a cost-effective vacuum with an all-in-one cleaning solution, the IFloor 3 Breeze Complete can be a good option. The vacuum can tackle both wet and dry messes and comes at a lower price range. With its standard cleaning capacity, the Breeze Complete is generously efficient in cleaning different types of sealed indoor floors.   

Final Words   

Tineco vacuums are widely popular, especially for lightweight cordless upright models that can tackle wet and dry messes. Besides, you can use these vacuums, either Floor One S3 or IFloor 3, to remove only fine dirt from different types of indoor sealed floors. For those who are looking for a hard-floor-specific vacuum cleaner, we recommend using any of these between the Floor One S3 and IFloor 3 Breeze Complete. Besides, Tineco also offers carpet-specific vacuum cleaners with its Carpet One series. However, if you want Tineco vacuums that can clean both carpet and bare floors, opt for the Tineco Floor ONE S5.    

Tineco S3 vs IFloor 3: FAQ

Can you use Tineco S3 on the carpet?   

No, you cannot use Tineco S3 on carpets because the Tineco Floor One series is designed to clean indoor sealed floors, including tiles, vinyl, and laminate.   

Can you use Tineco S3 on rugs?   

The Floor One series of Tineco is hard-floor specific, so it’s recommended not to use the S3 on carpets, rugs, and other similar surfaces.   

Can you use Tineco S3 dry?   

Yes, Tineco S3 can be used without water for dry vacuuming. So, you can use the Tineco S3 to vacuum fine dust particles.   

Can you use iFloor 3 without water?   

Yes, you can use the Tineco iFloor 3 as well as the iFloor 3 Breeze Complete without water for dry vacuuming.    

Can the Tineco IFloor 3 be used on the carpet?   

The Tineco iFloor 3 can clean sealed hard floors, including tile, vinyl, etc. However, the vacuum cannot be used on carpet.  

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