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Best Auto Tracking Security Camera For Exclusive and In-depth Surveillance Needs

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Written By Edward Cohen

While traditional PTZ security cameras are widely used for larger area surveillance, for low-traffic areas like outdoor backyards, gardens, garages, parking lots, or small businesses, smart auto-tracking PTZ security cameras are more apt and effective. But not all cameras offer the best surveillance capacity. That’s why to set apart the ‘bests’ auto-tracking security camera, our experts scrutinized a host of auto-tracking cameras based on feature, resolution, flexibility, and viewing angle, and they found the BOAVISION Security Camera Outdoor has decent video quality, clear night visibility, and smart auto-tracking feature. However, if you want an auto-tracking security camera with super stellar HD quality resolution with more stable Wi-Fi connectivity, then you can choose the SV3C 5MP PTZ Wi-Fi Camera Outdoor. To get you the ins and outs of our tested best auto-tracking security cameras, let’s go through the detailed review so you can choose based on your requirements. 

List Of The Best Auto Tracking Security Camera 

1. BOAVISION Security Camera Outdoor  

BOAVISION Security Camera Outdoor  


  • Video Quality: 1080p  
  • Night Vision: Color and Infrared  
  • Auto-Tracking: Objects in Motion  
  • Zoom Range: 4x digital  
  • Weather Resistance: -4~140°F  
  • Storage: NVR or SD card up to 128 GB (not included)


  • Decent and sharp video feed  
  • Clearer night view  
  • Ensures full-area coverage  
  • Detects motion instantly   
  • Fully waterproof  
  • Support several third-party software  
  • Smart features- auto-tracking, two-way talk, floodlight cam, and siren


  • Extension cable and SD card are sold separately

According to our experts, BOAVISION Security Camera Outdoor is the overall best auto-tracking PTZ security camera, and at the same time, it’s highly affordable at $37.61! At this lucrative price point, this camera includes all the bells and whistles to be a clear winner in our list.  

This Wi-Fi IP security camera is equally suitable for both indoors and outdoors. During the test, we found that it efficiently detects human motion and alerts with high precision. The best part is you can configure its recording schedule 24/7 or only when motion is detected!  

BOAVISION Outdoor Security Camera has a full-HD resolution that covers a wider area for a 360-degree view. Besides, you can easily rotate and zoom it up to 4x level. Its multiple night vision modes also ensure better nighttime security via its auto floodlight cam and siren alarm.   

Buy this is  

If you want a security system for your larger outdoor yard or parking lots at a very affordable price. This camera has multiple storage options, including an SD card (not included). Besides, it’s fully waterproof.  

Don’t buy this if  

You need a fully wireless battery-powered auto-tracking security camera. BOAVISION Security Camera Outdoor is not fully wireless; you must connect the camera to a power outlet. The power cord length is 9.8 ft (included). The extension cord is available for 16.5ft and 33 ft (sold separately).  

2. SV3C 5MP PTZ WiFi Camera Outdoor  

SV3C 5MP PTZ WiFi Camera Outdoor  


  • Video Quality: 2K/5MP  
  • Night Vision: Color, Infrared, Intelligent  
  • Auto-Tracking: Moving objects, Noise  
  • Zoom Range: Digital  
  • Weather Resistance: IP66  
  • Storage: ONVIF & SD Card Storage (up to 128 GB, not included) 


  • Stellar and super HD auto-tracking security cam  
  • Superior nighttime surveillance  
  • Stable Wi-Fi connectivity  
  • Higher weather-resistant capacity  
  • Multiple storage facilities  
  • Smart features- motion & noise detection, two-way audio, Alexa integration


  • The camera app is not easy to use  

This SV3C Wi-Fi Camera (model- C16) offers high-quality surveillance with 360 coverage. It also features multiple modes for better nighttime visibility. The best thing about this auto-tracking security camera is its dual antenna; its dual antenna ensures more stable Wi-Fi connectivity, so there will be a minimum network interruption.   

This Wi-Fi security camera detects any invasive activity accurately and sends alarms instantly. While testing, our experts found that this camera reduces almost 95% of false alarms. You can configure this outdoor security camera with third-party software like Blue iris, Ispy, or onvif NVR. Besides, the camera can be integrated with Alexa and Google Assistant for voice commands, and you can communicate via its two-way audio. In our visibility tests, the SV3C Wi-Fi Camera performed decently, showing clear visuals even in extreme weather conditions.   

Buy this if   

You need an ultra-HD quality auto-tracking security camera that has versatile configuration systems. This camera is easy to install, can be used indoors and outdoors, and has multiple storage capacities.   

Don’t buy this if   

You need an SD card with more than 128 GB storage capacity. However, you can pay for a Cloud subscription for unlimited storage. 




  • Video Quality: 2K/5MP  
  • Night Vision: Color, Infrared  
  • Auto-Tracking: Human, Vehicle  
  • Zoom Range: 3x optical  
  • Storage: Up to 128GB  


  • Ultra-HD resolution feed  
  • Better optical zoom  
  • Larger and brighter night surveillance  
  • Can distinguish human and vehicle  
  • Can be monitored via multiple platforms   
  • Smart features- Google assistant integration, auto-tracking, two-way talk 


  •   Configuring preset points might be tricky

REOLINK E1 is a dual-band outdoor Wi-Fi Security Camera. Its camera resolution (2K/5MP) is higher than the list topper BOAVISION Security Camera (1080p) and offers a clearer feed. Along with a better resolution, the auto-tracking security camera has a wider view, flexible rotation capacity, and 3x optical zoom. So, your outdoors will remain secured 24/7.   

This auto-tracking security camera offers multiple options for operating. You can operate the Camera via PC: Windows, Mac OS; Smartphone: iOS, Android. In addition, REOLINK E1 features two-way audio for real-time communication, and at the same time, you can integrate REOLINK E1 for voice commands. Overall, REOLINK E1 impressively outperformed in all our tests.  

Buy this if  

You need an auto-tracking security camera with a higher resolution. Besides, REOLINK is also a renowned brand that is popular for its versatile and secured surveillance systems.  

Don’t buy this if  

You need a wireless security camera for easy installation. REOLINK E1 is a fully wired security cam; it requires power cords as well as a networking cable for installation as a surveillance system.  

You need an outdoor security camera with a higher IP rating. REOLINK E1 is not waterproof, so it may not perform well during harsh weather.  

4. Hosafe IP Wi-Fi Security Camera Outdoor  

Hosafe IP Wi-Fi Security Camera Outdoor  


  • Video Quality: 1080p  
  • Night Vision: Color, Infrared  
  • Auto-Tracking: Human  
  • Zoom Range: 4x digital  
  • Weather Resistance: IP66  
  • Storage: SD Card up to 128 GB


  • Standard footage quality   
  • Clearer nighttime surveillance  
  • Brighter spotlight and louder siren  
  • 360-degree views of your outdoor area  
  • Easier installation  
  • More stable Wi-Fi connection   
  • Smart features- third-party configuration, two-way talk, auto-tracking  


  • Not fully wireless  
  • The extension cord is not included. 

Our experts recommend this Security Camera Outdoor from Hosafe for outdoor surveillance. This camera has decent full-HD camera resolution, better night vision, and an auto-tracking feature, so you can easily rely on surveillance capacity. Besides, this auto-tracking security camera has a wider coverage, so you might not need to install multiple cameras in your location.  

This home security camera is also versatile; you can operate it from multiple platforms, PC/phone/tablet, and configure it with several third-party software. On top of it, this plug-in security camera can record 24/7, so you won’t miss out on anything. Our experts have found that the camera app’s interface is very user-friendly, unlike the SV3C 5MP Outdoor camera.  

Buy this is if   

You need a surveillance system that has 24/7 recording capacity. With all the necessary features, the camera also comes at a very affordable price: only $49!  

Don’t buy this if  

You need a super-ultra-HD quality surveillance system to monitor your high-value business area or construction sites. 

5. La view 4MP Security Camera Outdoor  

La view 4MP Security Camera Outdoor  


  • Video Quality: 2K  
  • Night Vision: Color, Infrared  
  • Auto-Tracking: Human, animal  
  • Zoom Range: 12x digital  
  • Weather Resistance: IP65   
  • Storage: Cloud, SD card up to 128 GB (not included) 


  • Super HD quality surveillance camera  
  • Wider view with 12x digital zoom  
  • Larger auto-tracking range  
  • Decent weather resistance capacity  
  • Smart features- voice command integration, two-way talk, auto-tracking 


  • Difficult to relocate easily due to wired installation  

La view 4MP Security Camera Outdoor has stellar HD quality resolution and bright color nighttime feed, so you can clearly monitor your outdoors and keep the area secure 24/7. This camera has a larger auto-tracking range that instantly picks up the detection, follows it, and, at the same time, notifies you very quickly.  

It’s a fully wired auto-tracking security camera, so it can record 24/7. Besides, our testers figured out that multiple users can view the live stream simultaneously. This best auto-tracking security camera also has a user-friendly app and convenient Alexa voice integration that will put you at ease.  

Buy this is if  

You need an auto-tracking security camera for multiple screens streaming at the same time. Up to 20 users can view this camera feed simultaneously.  

Don’t buy this if  

You need a PTZ security camera for a larger and more crowded area. This auto-tracking security camera is great for low-traffic areas, like the outdoors of your home, garage, and small business.  

How To Choose The Best Auto Tracking Security Camera  

Our experts also shared some key areas to check before purchasing the best security camera with auto-tracking features:  

Footage or Streaming Quality  

You must look for the video quality of your auto-tracking surveillance system. Better video quality provides clearer footage or live stream whenever you monitor. Our recommendation is the standard resolution- 1080p full HD during the day and night.  

What is the benefit of a high-resolution surveillance system?  

The best auto-tracking security camera features better footage quality, which is clearer to monitor the live stream or download the footage. For clearer nighttime visibility, you can check out the brighter spotlight and infrared LEDs.  

Auto-Tracking Feature  

As you’re looking for a surveillance system with auto-tracking capacity, check out the feature if it can properly meet your requirements. Some cameras, like La View 4MP Security Camera, can track up to a wider range (100-degree, 17 ft).  

What is the benefit of an auto-tracking security camera?  

Auto-tracking cameras are best for low-traffic areas. Its smart surveillance system allows the camera to detect motions automatically, follow the detected motion, and record until the object remains within its frame. Auto-tracking security cameras are best for exclusive surveillance with detailed information and longer recordings.  

PTZ Technology  

PTZ security cameras featuring auto-tracking options are best for covering larger areas. These cameras have full area coverage (360-degree) features.   

What is the benefit of PTZ Technology?  

If you need to cover and need exclusive monitoring of a big construction site, a larger shopping mall, or an airport area, look for the auto-tracking security camera with PTZ technology. These cameras will cover the full area with a 360-degree view and will offer more information on invasive activities.  

Storage Capacity  

Auto-tracking security cameras feature two types of storage systems- Cloud storage and micro-SD card. Some cameras offer both storage options, whereas some features either built-in storage or allow only a Cloud subscription. So, check if the auto-tracking security camera offers both SD card storage and a Cloud subscription as per requirement.   

Which storage is best for auto-tracking security cameras?  

Both cloud and local storage have their benefits and drawbacks. The cost of a Cloud subscription offers more secure storage, and you can download footage whenever you want. However, having an Internet connection is the prerequisite for spending on your Cloud subscription.   

On the other hand, SD card features different types of storage capacity; once they are full, either you remove the older footage and keep it elsewhere, or you may need another SD card. Although using an SD card is more convenient, if the SD card is destroyed somehow, you may not be able to retrieve the saved feeds. That’s why having both types of storage options can add more user convenience.  

Ease of Use  

Check out how easy to use your auto-tracking security camera- can you easily mount it, can you easily configure the tracking settings, and is your camera manageable both from a smartphone and laptop?  

What if you cannot easily use your auto-tracking security camera?  

If the functionalities of your auto-tracking security camera seem complicated, you may not be able to solve any petty issues and may have to contact you every time, which means more hassle to you. 

Final Words  

Auto-tracking security cameras are exclusive due to their tracking and recording functionalities with more detailed information compared to fixed cameras. The best auto-tracking security camera includes several smart features, including PT or PTZ technology and multiple object detection capacity. You can use these cameras (indoor/outdoor) to secure your house, garage, small business, and other less crowded areas.  

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